SEO: Top 3 ways criminal defense law firms can improve SEO


Sticking out in a competitive market can be incredibly difficult when one doesn’t know how to keep up and stay ahead in the online marketplace. The same can be said for attorneys and the online marketplace, as one can be the best attorney in their area and win every case that gets under their nose, but all of those victories and years of professionalism are not worth squat if one doesn’t know how to plug themselves online. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways one can fix their online marketing and keep clients coming in demanding your expertise. So with this being said, here’s a look at three different ways one can correct their SEO tactics and use them to bring in new clients.

What Is SEO?

To put it into layman terms, SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is how the internet files and organizes data for individuals seeking information via their search engine. For example: An individual searching for information regarding lawyers in their area is going to search for “lawyers near me”. From here, the search engine will retrieve nearby lawyer information depending on where they live and the services they need. Depending on how services/websites have tagged their information and content, they will appear at the top of the ranks. So how do such services appear at the top of the ranks? Welp, we’re about to show you how!

SEO & Your Law Firm

There’s plenty of tips and tricks that firms can utilize to make their service easier to find for prospective customers. Such tactics an agency can utilize include:
  – Tagging Location of Service – It cannot be stressed enough that geographic location tags are incredibly important for searches. Without this data, your website has no anchor. This means that you could have the best legal team in the world, yet have no way to access clients. So to address this issue, it’s important to utilize phrases that mention the work performed and where these services are of use. By adding such “near me” tags on your site and in its content, it allows people to access your service online. So whether it be phone number, address, or areas you serve, it all helps with the location tag process.
  –  Make Sure Intent & Content Match – Yes, good content will make your site rank higher, but great content is what will make  site visitors become clients. Motivate clients to want to use you for their legal needs. For example: If someone needs information on criminal law attorneys, they’ll comb your site for any and all information you have listed. So to have this work, you’ll want to focus on your base to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people. Utilizing long form content and long tail keywords helps do this, as it provides additional information and it opens the opportunity to drop keywords that are relevant to your industry/profession/location.
  – Adjust The Business Category Listed On Google – Many firms make the mistake of making the phrase “attorney” as their main listing on Google. Why is this a bad idea? Well, that’s what every other law firm is doing and it makes it nearly impossible to climb the ranks of Google. So to work around this, focus on your area of expertise. Do you focus on criminal law cases? If so, focus on that term and make everything else secondary in regards to your search terms.

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So now that we’ve lifted the veil in regards to online marketing and how to market your criminal defense law firm, it makes rising in the search engine ranks significantly less difficult than it might seem. With some planned effort and strategic wording, you too can rise in the ranks and become the “go to” criminal defense attorney in your area.