The biggest winnings in online sports betting

You don’t have to be a genius to beat bookmakers. The examples of these players show that sometimes it is enough to blindly believe in their success, as well as count on the successful outcome of the most likely matches. 

Who won big in betting on sporting events?

Betting on sports itself brings a lot of profit to players because it allows you to earn quickly and with a calculated risk. Some are seriously lucky. Among them, the following events are considered the most famous in recent times:

  • a Kazakh player beat a local bookmaker big time;
  • an Athens fan at the European soccer championship believed in the victory of the national team and did not fail; 
  • a London soccer fan managed to beat the bookmaker thanks to incredible luck;
  • a Frenchman bet at random and luck smiled on him in every outcome;
  • a Welsh grandfather predicted his son’s participation in the national team and took the big winnings. 

Each story is remarkable in its way. The main thing is that they were betting players who believed in coincidence and made bets while the rest of us preferred to sit back. Today betting apps in Florida offer betting on sports in a convenient format, and therefore everyone can break the existing records for winnings.

Big loss in Kazakhstan

The branch of a large betting club in Kazakhstan in 2021 lost about 876 million tenge, which equates to 2 million dollars. The reason was the luck of Mukhajan M. He bet in Almaty and believed that all 44 events in the express would be successful. The man was lucky: none of the singles lost, and soon he saw 2 million dollars in his account in the bookmaker’s office. 

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Mukhajan explained the secret of such a win by the fact that he bet only on proven matches. There were no large odds in his coupon: the largest was only 1.46. Multiplying all of them turned out to be a mega coefficient, which brought the Kazakhstani residents a huge prize money. 

Victory of the Athens fan

Athens gave the world the first Olympic Games, and the residents of this city in 2022 were lucky to win big. All thanks to the belief in his team. 

Greece at the European Championship 2022 was not considered a clear favorite. But she still managed to beat her opponents and make it to the final part of the tournament. One of the residents of Athens believed that the Greeks would be able to show themselves, and therefore at the qualifying stage bet 1 thousand euros, convincing himself in the passage of the national team to the matches “on departure”. 

The player was lucky: the bet with odds of 50 worked. The next match with a victory of the Greek national team was already with odds equal to 10. The bettor again took a risk, and again he was lucky. The total amount of winnings from the residents of Athens amounted to 607 thousand dollars. 

The happiness of a London soccer fan

Girls bet on sports less often than men. But they are lucky much more often. It proves the case, which occurred with a soccer fan from London. In one of the offices, she bet on the victory of 6 clubs with large odds. The exact bet of the bettor is unknown. But her winnings in the end amounted to 1.4 million pounds.

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Luck of the Frenchman 

The most incredible case, which brought the player 6.5 million euros when beating the bookmakers, is considered the case of a French soccer fan. It was 15 years ago, in 2008, but it is still considered one of the best examples of how a bookmaker can make a man a millionaire.

The case was at half-time: one Frenchman, entertaining himself by betting on random matches, soon discovered that all 10 outcomes in the coupon were guessed. As a result, the bettor’s winnings were colossal, but he took only a third of the sum, sending the rest to charity.

Faith of the grandfather from Wales in his grandson

Some bets are hard to believe were real. Such includes an event in which a Welsh grandfather bet on his grandson’s participation in the national team. It was in Wales, and the grandson of the old bettor was Harry Wilson, who just 3 years after the bet defended the honor of the homeland in international competitions. It brought his grandfather, who had previously bet 50 pounds, a win of 75k. 

Of course, there are many examples of lucky bets. The main thing is that all players of the offices sincerely believed in their luck and were not afraid to pay for coupons when others did not take them seriously.