The Art of Living Luxuriously: Selecting Paintings That Make a Statement

Living Luxuriously

Choosing paintings that make a statement is important when decorating your home to live luxuriously. Art can elevate the style of any room to the next level, and it also gives you a chance to add more of your personality to your decor. 

Below, you’ll find all of the best tips for choosing paintings that make a statement and help you make your living space even more luxurious.

1. Size Your Space First

Before you start buying any paintings, you’ll want to measure the exact size of your space first. That way, you won’t get any work too massive for your open space. Plus, if you plan on getting multiple pieces, you’ll want to consider how they fit together. 

You need to ensure that the painting fits the space nicely. It shouldn’t overwhelm your wall or get lost in it. Measure your wall and write down the open area that you have.

According to Wayfair, the perfect size of wall art covers ⅔ to ¾ of the open area of wall space. You can easily find the wall’s area by measuring its height and width and multiplying those numbers.

If you want to make a big statement, choose the largest painting you can fit in the open space and make it the focal point of your room.

2. Choose a Luxurious Color Palette

Next, you’ll want to choose a painting that has a luxurious color palette, especially if you plan on making it the centerpiece of your room. Some of the colors that people consider the most luxurious include gold, Tiffany blue, and purple. 

It’s essential to also think about how the colors of the painting will fit in with your room. You can either have it match the color schemes of the room it’s in or choose to use a painting with a strong contrast to capture attention.

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3. Choose a Specific Style

Your home likely already has a set style or theme. You’ll need to ensure that the painting matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home, or it could stand out too much. Consider what art style types would fit in with the rest of your decor.

Some popular options include impressionist, abstract, and modern art. You could also choose more traditional or landscape paintings.

It’s worth noting that any style of painting can be very luxurious. You’ll just want to think about the themes, materials, and colors it uses and how they fit into your home first.

4. Choose Original Artworks

Original paintings will be more unique and make a stronger impression than other decor. Investing in original pieces will help you make a deep statement that sticks with your guests. They also have a higher value than reproductions and are often of a much better quality.

We recommend looking at the Delray Beach Art Gallery if you’re unsure what types of art you want. There’s a fine selection of high-quality paintings and more to browse through. You’ll indeed find one that suits your home and elevates your style.

When choosing original works, make sure that you think about who the artist is and what their art means. You’ll want to research their background, as acquiring art from a popular or emerging artist can cause it to make more of a statement. If the artist is local and many people know about them, it can also become an excellent conversation starter.

Overall, you’ll want to buy original art whenever possible. You have plenty of options, so one will suit your home.

5. Consider Commissioning Artwork

Next, consider having a custom painting made for your home. You can work with the artist to choose the theme and colors of the composition, allowing you to create something tailor-made for your home.

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Nothing’s more luxurious than having a custom painting made just for you. Artists use different methods to price their work, so you’ll want to ask for a quote to set your budget.

6. Be Picky With the Frames

You’ll want to carefully consider the frames you’ll use with painting. The frame you choose can impact the aesthetic of the painting. Plus, you’ll need to consider how it will fit in with the rest of your room. 

You should choose a high-quality frame when you want to live in luxury. While it will cost more, it will also last longer and look much nicer. 

Once you’ve chosen a frame, you’ll need to also be picky with where you hang it. Try a place that is already a natural focal point, for example, above a fireplace. These areas already draw the eye, so it feels like the painting belongs there.

Finally, the lighting in the room can impact where you hang your frames. You’ll want the light to focus on the paintings to highlight the work better.

7. Understand Required Maintenance

Lastly, you should do a few extra things to keep the art in good shape. You should understand what the maintenance requirements of the painting are before you buy it so you know if you can meet those needs.

You should always handle the painting with care; your hands should be clean. However, some art requires you to wear cotton gloves. You’ll also need to dust the art with a microfiber cloth occasionally. Make sure you never use any cleansers on it. 

You’ll also want to hang the painting away from sunlight, which will fade the work over time. Then, ensure you hang the frame well so it doesn’t fall. Heavy pieces will require much more attention to detail when hanging.

There could be more requirements depending on the piece, so make sure that you ask the seller before committing. You need to know what’s expected to take care of the art so that it lasts.

Live in Luxury With Statement Art

In conclusion, you can use a statement piece to live in luxury. Art is a great way to show off more of your personality in your decor, so you’ll want to try it.