Take On Route 66 with These Great Motorcycle Apps

Great Motorcycle Apps

Thanks to the enormous expanse between the East Coast and West Coast, the U.S. offers bikers an incomparable road trip experience. Furthermore, with a cost of around $1.20 a mile, taking your motorcycle out on the open road is one of the most cost-effective ways to explore the country. But before embarking on the journey of a lifetime, you may need some tech to help you along the journey, so it’s worth looking through a roundup the best apps for the open road.

When you’re stuck In a Rut 

While hitting the open road on a motorcycle is often romanticized, there are those moments where the luxury of a car becomes apparent. Adverse weather conditions, a flat tire or mechanical failure can be a buzz kill on a road trip. BikerSOS is a handy app to have, as it allows the biker to alert nearby emergency teams that they’re in trouble. The app tracks the rider’s route, and can give medical personnel accurate information as to the exact location. The app also makes provision for an emergency contact, so you’re nearest and dearest will be notified if they’re not already on the trip with you.

Not All Roads Lead To Rome 

Whether your tires are eating up the miles as you journey along on your superbike, or you decide on a more laid-back cruise on your three-wheeler or chopper, it’s important to plan your trip ahead on a road that’s meant for a motorcycle. Badly kept roads that have more potholes than tar surface can be a navigational nightmare on a motorcycle. An app that helps riders navigate the best routes to follow, even if it means deviating from Route 66 for a little while, is Best Biking Roads. This comes in handy if you’re taking a moped/gas scooter for commuting as well, to lead you away from those unfriendly roads.

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All Those Vital Statistics

Part of the appeal of owning a bike knows exactly how to get the most out if. The Diablo Super Biker app is not just for those looking to increase their speed, but is also an all-rounder as an app. Bikers can measure their lean angle accurately, get some important info on their tires, and even receive warnings of changes in weather, thanks to accurate measurements of atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Owning a motorbike is an automatic precursor for the desire for the ultimate road trip to be awakened. With a few handy apps, fantasy turns into reality, and before you know it, your coast to coast adventure is underway.