Squat tips on how to get better

Squat tips on how to get better

For those who love military simulation games, you already know that Squad is among the best in the industry. With its realistic approach to first-person gaming and interesting gameplay, there’s no doubt that you’ll instantly get hooked on this game.Even if you’re a beginner, you can get by with some tricks we’re about to share with you. If you’re ready to learn, read on for our Squat tips on how to get better.

Understand the Game

You may have already heard a lot of good reviews about Squad, and that’s why you’ve been wanting to get on the game as soon as possible. But, before you do so, it’s best to do your research first and understand the game a little deeper.

To put it simply, Squad is played by two opposing teams. Each team can create squads to help assign tasks among teams. Each team should capture the opposing team’s points or push them towards losing tickets. Once the opposing team is out of tickets, then the other team is declared the winner.

With that said, the utmost goal of each squad is to capture these points. Squad leaders should come up with an effective strategy to get that from the enemy team without harming their points.

What you have to remember is that a point that you can attack has an orange arrow while a point that you should defend is marked by a purple shield. Keep these in mind and you’ll be playing Squad with no problem.

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Team Up

Since Squad is a tactical military simulation game, we all know that it is played by teams. With that said, you have to find the right team to join to win.

If you already have friends who are experienced Squad players, ask them if you can join their team. You can also ask them about pointers on how to play while working in teams, which gives you an edge over other beginners. But if your friends have not yet played Squad, you can always join online forums where you can meet new potential teammates.

Most importantly, you have to prove to your teammates that you won’t be a liability. As much as possible, try to work harmoniously with all the other players. This teamwork will surely help you win the match.

Know Your Role

Aside from picking the right team, it’s best to know where you stand in all of it.

If you have zero experience in paying Squad, then it’s best to step down from wanting to be a Squad Leader on your first try. Pick someone within your Squad who has gaming expertise and excellent tactical skills to lead the team and attack points. And as a member of the Squad, do everything you can to obey the rules and keep the peace.

Map Master

Like in all shooter and tactical video games, knowledge of the map is power over the enemy.

When you’re familiar with the map, you can use every terrain, nook, and cranny to your advantage. Whether it’s for attacking a point or defending one, knowing its location and surrounding terrain is your best asset.

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With that said, there’s no harm in exploring and familiarizing yourself with the maps.

Shooting Range Mode

Did you know that Squad has a Shooting Range Mode? If you didn’t, then this is a useful tip that will help you practice your aim and shooting. As a result, you can easily take down points with minimal ammo – and your squad will surely be thankful for that.

Alternatively, beginners can also try squad cheats at Battlelog. These cheats and hacks will help you improve every aspect of the experience, and that will surely give you an edge over the enemy.

Treating Injuries and Restoring HP

Another useful feature on Squad that you have to remember is to treat your injuries and restore your HP.

If you get hit in the crossfire or obtain a similar injury, your character will be dealing with the loss of blood. To prevent that from happening, immediately use a bandage to keep the blood from flowing. Then, look for a medic because that’s the only way you can recover your HP as soon as possible.

Knowing how to treat your wound and recover your HP will keep you in the game longer. Bear in mind that every respawn can cost you a ticket, and losing all your team’s tickets means that your opponent is the winner. Thus,  take extra care of your character and prevent it from being taken down.