A Weekend in France to Create Gold-Engraved Memories!

Weekend in France

With Valentine’s Day knocking around the corner and limited options available to us, wondering what to do, how about a long romantic weekend in France? With the cozy roadside restaurants, sandstone buildings, smooth wine, scrumptious food, and delightful people around you, doesn’t it sound picture-perfect?

Well, if you are already interested, then start scrolling down below! We will give you a perfect glimpse of the superb places that you must visit and make some memories that you can look back to years later! And if you are still thinking about whether or not you should go for this trip, you wouldn’t be in two minds after reading the segment below!

5 Superb Places to Spend a Perfect Weekend In France

France is the perfect confluence of culture, romanticism, and heritage. You will literally not find anyone who will regret their visit to France. One of the most favorite places people love to visit when in France is Paris. But France has many more places that are beautiful and picturesque. 

So, if you haven’t planned for Valentine’s Day yet, I’m sure you’ll not be in two minds anymore. Plan this surprise, and we’re sure your partner will remember this for a lifetime. But my dear reader, if you are single, don’t be disheartened! We have something super special for you too.

Let’s quickly run through the top picks I have waiting right for you. Here they are:

Reims – France

1. Reims

When thinking of spending a weekend in France, you cannot miss out on the champagne region! Reims is a place that makes you feel you are living the exquisite French culture upfront. With the perfect atmosphere and elite French dining.

Walk around the streets of Reims to explore the exotic museums will literally speak even years after the Second World War. The cathedral, which is known to be noted by UNESCO, is also a must-visit when you are thinking of roaming around the streets of Reims.

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When you finish admiring the beauty of these places, head towards the countryside, where you will find several boutiques making fine champagne. A trip Reims on Valentine’s Day is going to be written in one of the best memory pages of your life.

2. Annecy

An oil-painted picture rarely comes into reality. But you would change this idea the moment you step and engross yourself into the beauty of Annecy. Remember where you would draw a picture with a lake and snow-capped mountains at the same time? Annecy will give you that feel.

Plus, if you love to explore and try out some adventurous activities, Annecy clearly allows you to do that too. Every street corner of Annecy speaks something about the history of this place. And of course, don’t miss out on visiting the most-clicked triangular building.

You can hear your breath at times with the silence Annecy offers. And what better than Valentine’s Day to spend a romantic and peaceful time?

Marseille – France

3. Marseille

Personally, Marseille is a small town where you would probably know the bread-shop lady in no time. The people in Marseille are warm, friendly, and welcoming, which happens to become the best thing about this place.

Moreover, if you plan to spend this weekend in France, you can visit the Saturday market as well. While the sun is setting, you can sit by a café and admire the beach. Look into your partner’s eyes and say the three magical words again. Relive your romantic life here. I’m sure you’ll come back home thanking me!

Lyon- France

4. Lyon

What to live in a picture? Wish to go to a place that hardly moves? Lyon is your place-to-be! The city is absolutely still with a panoramic view for you to admire. If you love wine, do try out some exquisite wines that sell in Lyon. And it’s needless to mention that they are world-class and expensive.

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From there, you can pay a visit to the Rhone Valley too. And if your partner loves paintings, visit the art museum to admire Picasso’s work of excellence. Another side of Lyon is also happening and fun to visit – Traboules. The place speaks for itself and needs to special explanation.

5. Carcassonne

Another world-famous place that you can plan your romantic getaway to is Carcassonne. It’s a heritage site that even UNESCO notes. If you have ever imagined living a life in the castle, visit Carcassonne, and we’re sure you will fall in love with the place any moment.

If you want to really explore the work done by artisans, we would ask you to walk down or take a bicycle ride with your partner and explore each of the corners of Carcassonne. Ride downtown to find a few exquisite shops where you can surely find something that will remind you of this place again.

Carcassonne is best when it has fewer visitors. When there is a lot of cacophonies, you wouldn’t be able to admire the beauty of this place. Exploring this place in France when only local people are around will give you the real essence of this place.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone knows how to plan a perfect getaway. But when you have the list above, planning out a weekend trip shouldn’t be a problem at home. So, first, think of a place you want to visit, then check out the route through which you can travel.

Personally, going to any of these places by train is going to be best! It will give you a perfect opportunity to give your eyes the pleasure of watching the exotic beauty of France. However, if you are constricted on your budget, you take a flight.

Book a perfect hotel of your choice, and then start packing!! Make the most out of this trip, and we’re sure you’ll come back creating some memories that will be engraved in your hearts for a lifetime.