Quarantine Guide: the Best Movies to Watch

Quarantine Guide:

Coronavirus lockdowned us down and stayed pleased with its result. Some plunged headlong into household chores, others prefer to entertain themselves online with the help of chatting on the dating or gay hookup sites.

But home-isolation was funny and interesting for most people for only the first several weeks. All exciting plans were ruined by laziness, bad mood, wasting time on social networks, staring at endless commercials, eating junk food. The idea to learn a new language or boost typing, dancing, drawing skills were set apart. We present you Quarantine Guide: the Best Movies to Watch

Films as the best rescue for quarantine affected

Congratulations to those who have enough willpower to train at home, cook delicious dishes for nearest and dearest ones, and read books! Even such active personalities who do not waste time on trifles like Instagram, flipping TV channels nonstop, and lounging around need some time for watching films. Moreover, modern cinematography offers various genres of movies.

Both for quarantine-lovers who found the reason to do nothing and for the most proactive troopers we have prepared a wonderful list of films that are must-watch. As literature bestsellers deserve the attention of willing readers, so these movies should be viewed at least one time. Do not wait for a typical bead-roll of classical masterpieces everybody knows. Most motion-pictures caused a furor last year.

A list №1: TOP 5 novelties of common voice

The selection of novelties will be the first. All films premiered in 2019. It means that there are enough watchers to do justice to these movies. Most all media platforms recommend them. 95-100% of viewers gave our TOP-5 a “five-star” mark.

  1. BOOKSMART – a light comedy about students’ life, love, youth, and funny situations.
  2. BY THE GRACE OF GOD – a rather complicated film with deep sense. The church, family, dark forces, and an incomprehensible end of the story.
  3. THE IRISHMAN – actors (Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci) are the prime flavor of the film. Nevertheless, the great plot, brilliant graphics, and unforgettable scenes make this epic gangster drama the best.
  4. LITTLE WOMEN – a very realistic film for a perfect Movie Night at home. The story of a brave writer and her destiny will impress everyone.
  5. MARRIAGE STORY – one more movie with unthinkable actor selection. Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern, and others will tell you a story of one typical family.  
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Do not worry if you do not find the ideal film for this evening. It is the first list to take into account. Let us continue with the bead-roll devoted to the everlasting classic movies.

A list №2: TOP 5 canonical films

Spend time accompanied by the masterpieces of the world’s cinematography. Here are five films that are loved by millions of viewers of all generations. Vary the movie program and stay pleased with the exceptional impressions.

  1. ALL ABOUT EVE – is a Hollywood classic with the sweet aroma of love, jokes, and a good mood.
  2. SINGING IN THE RAIN – a perfect musical that can leave a wonderful impression on those who like memorable songs with funny dances.
  3. SEVEN SAMURAI – the epic classic movie for real enthusiasts. Akira Kurasawa’s masterpiece will allow anybody to stay indifferent.
  4. JANE EYRE – the screen adaptation that will be forever in trends. Most readers prefer it because almost all scenes recaptured the atmosphere of the book in full.
  5. THE GODFATHER – a crime story that became the real bestseller. Most phrases passed into aphorisms. Do not miss your opportunity to get acquainted with Don Carleone!

We are not going to stop! The last list of films will be for the most fastidious critics because the bead-roll contains both extraordinary movies and motion-pictures that shocked the world!

A list №3: TOP 5 mind-blowing movies

If you suspect only horror films here, you are wrong. We have collected 5 films that will leave an unbelievable impression for sure. Some viewers are not ready to watch them one more time. Be the first to know why.

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mind-blowing movies

  1. A QUIET PLACE – you will not hear any word in the movie. It is an absolutely silent place…
  2. THOROUGHBREDS – the pitch-black dramedy that is difficult and interesting to watch at a time.
  3. THE DEPARTED – a crime thriller with a shocking ending you will never guess.
  4. ANNIHILATION – a psychological film with elements of horror and science-fiction. Natalie Portman added to this masterpiece her charms for the exceptional effect.
  5. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS – this list could not stay without canonical films as well. The story about Hannibal Lecter will make your skin crawls move faster.

We understand that tastes, interests, and opinions differ. Nevertheless, these bed-rolls can simplify your task of the most appropriate movie selection. Cheat your home-based fatigue caused by quarantine with hot-topic masterpieces of the world’s cinematography. All these films aim to release you from your boredom and doldrums! Have a nice day!