What to Know when You Play Swedish Casino


Do you want to have fun by gambling at your favorite online casino games? If so, you might find Swedish Online Cricket Betting ID interesting since they can help you pass the time. The Kingdom of Sweden is a wealthy European country located on the northern side of Europe. It has a population of over 10 million, and you’ll find a lot of other players wanting to play with you at a given time. You can learn more about Sweden when you click here.

In terms of online gambling, know that Sweden requires a license for the casinos before legally operating online. However, the licensed ones are legal, and this is because of the 2019 Gambling Act that is just one of the legislations allowing gambling on websites.

The digital platforms were legalized in 2002 through an amendment to the law. However, from 2002 to 2019, only the Svenska Spel, a state-owned platform, is allowed to operate online.

Fortunately, because of the pressure from the European Union and the other players, private companies can now acquire Swedish licenses. These allow them to accept the players from Sweden without any legal repercussions. The new laws about licensing have been very popular, and it enabled some to advertise a higher jackpot. As many as 80 companies have applied despite the high taxes.

It’s also worth noting that there’s an entity that supervises online casinos in the country. It’s called the Swedish Gambling Authority. Specifically, it’s the Spelinspektionen which is where the owners need to apply if they want to establish a spela casinon utan spelpaus or casinos without a break. The EU directives and applicable laws apply when it comes to gambling in Sweden, so it’s best to know about this beforehand.

Monopoly of the Svenska Spel

In the past, Swedish authorities had argued that when they monopolized the online casinos, this would essentially affect their players from scams and other malicious platforms. They also help alleviate most of the damages caused by constant gambling.

However, they spectacularly failed with this aim, which is why newer legislation was rolled out in 2019. About a third of Swedish players are now betting on unlicensed websites and discovered that the payout is much better. There are even 40% of them who stated that they would continue to do this regularly because it’s enjoyable.

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It’s no surprise that online gambling addiction has been on the rise since 2002. A lot of players and companies realize that the monopoly only serves a single purpose. This is to make money for the entire government and ensure there’s no competition.

Since the issues were not appropriately addressed, the European Commission decided to take matters into its own hands. They took the government into the European Court of Justice, and it was determined that Svenska Spel’s interest lies in the protection of the state and not necessarily the players. This has resulted in the 2019 liberalization of the online gambling market in Sweden. Know that if you’re an expat, tourist, or migrant, you can play freely on these websites while enjoying your overall stay in the country.


The gambling tax rates apply to both land-based and online casinos. General taxes are up to 18%. The base will be based on the money won and the bets. This rate is on top of the regular taxes, which is about 20.6% but know that gambling is generally exempted from value-added tax.

When it comes to the players, there will be taxes when it comes to one’s winnings. If you’ve won on an unlicensed site, it’s essential to know that you’re subjected to about 30% capital tax gains. However, licensed casinos and domestic ones will not be subjected to any taxation rates. 

Perks and Bonuses

There are a lot of casinos nowadays that only accept cryptocurrency for bets. The players from Canada and USA are accepted, but the primary money used is crypto. With these platforms, there are perks like over 25 free spins, a 100% matching bonus, there is no need for codes in prizes, etc. 

Returning players who want to play again will get about 15% cashback. If you’re down on your luck, that 15% will be returned to you after you’ve lost your bets. You may also want to keep an eye on special cashback perks available in most cryptocurrency casinos, and the rates can be up to 25%. See more about the impact of crypto in gambling in this link: 

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Some of the requirements may include a confirmed phone number and email address. The bonus will activate after 24 hours, and usually, the minimum deposit is 20 euros or more. For more information, you might want to check the platforms’ playthrough requirements and cashback amount for returning players to get more accurate figures.

You’re given about seven days or less to wager your bonus. Maximum and minimum bets may apply, which can vary from 0.01 euro to 3 euros. The maximum amount allowed to be withdrawn on these platforms is usually 500% of your total deposit. 

About Digital Clubs

In these types of clubs, the welcome bonus matches your deposit 8x. If you’ve deposited $100, you’re guaranteed to have $800 in bonuses, and you just have to know the exclusive codes available every month. Some of the coupons may only be available for a limited amount of time, so you should go and check every day for more.

Usually, it’s the digital club that allows you to play bingo, bucks, poker slots, dazzling dice, keno, slots, table games, and blackjack. They enable the wagers to be counted to their requirement, but some of the games like baccarat, craps, or roulette may be forbidden. As long as it’s a non-deposit bonus, you’re not allowed to wager on baccarat and other games according to the policy of some sites.

The bonuses may be available in certain countries, and you may not combine them. A deposit of at least $25 is usually required before you can withdraw your winnings. Another thing is that you need to comply with the law, and there’s an ID check to prevent money laundering. There are thousands of others out there but make sure to choose the one that counts the most.