What Are the Benefits of Using a Company Jingle in Your Next Campaign?

company jingle

Are you working on an ad campaign for your company?

Because of social media and blogging, many business owners think that this is the only way to reach new customers, but that’s not always true. Learning the ins and outs of digital advertising is important, but if you don’t have good content in your ads, no one will care either way. There’s a lot of evidence that a well-produced ad with a great company jingle can take your sales over the top.

You may not have considered a company jingle for your ad campaign, but that’s what we’re going to discuss today. In this post, we’ll tell you some of the benefits that you’ll see in having a jingle made.

Endlessly Memorable

Jingle writing is an art form, but it’s also a science. Being able to create something that sticks in people’s heads is hard to do, which is why jingle writing is a job.

When you get a well-written jingle for your company, you’ll start to see new customers coming in because they can’t get the song out of the head. This is the gift that keeps on giving in the advertising world and almost nothing can match that kind of marketing power.

Building Emotional Connections

Depending on what it is you’re advertising, you can build an emotional connection with the community that you serve. Creating a community around your business is something so many entrepreneurs strive for, but only a few achieve.

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With a jingle, you can tug on heartstrings or tickle the funny bone. Whatever emotion you want to get across is more possible with a jingle.

Repetitive For a Reason

As long as the tune is good, you can really hammer home your message. Good songs repeat the best parts, which is a philosophy that jingles are built on. If you want customers to walk away with your core branding message in their head, there’s no better way to do it than repeating it in a catchy song.


The return on interest on a jingle is about as good as it gets because you’ll have the song forever. Most other forms of digital advertising have a shelf life on them. A jingle can be on par with your company logo and branding message.

When you go with a jingle writer like the Killerspots Agency, you pay a one-time fee for a great jingle, then you own it forever.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is important for any business, but it’s not always easy to make people talk about you. With the right jingle, you’ll have people talking to their friends about it and humming around their coworkers.

It’s so much easier to talk about a great song than it is to try and sell someone on a business. Let your jingle do the work for you.

Your Company Jingle Will Make You a Creative, Smart Marketer

They don’t get the attention that they deserve from the advertising community, but jingles are simply smart marketing. Find your jingle writer today and start working on a company jingle that’ll take your business to the next level.

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