The Slots and Bingo hybrid taking the online casino world by storm!

Slots and Bingo

Whether you’re an avid casino player or not, there are some games of chance that you definitely would’ve heard of. One of these is slot games – originating from the iconic fruit machines you can spot in bars and pubs. Another is Bingo, which is arguably one of the most famous chance-based games out there. 

With this in mind, gaming developers have taken these classics to a whole new level, bringing Bingo slot games, known as Slingo, to many online casino sites! 

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What is Slingo?

Despite seeming relatively new, Slingo dates back to 1994. It was created by Sal Falciglia SR, who was a real estate developer from New Jersey. Sal Falciglia created Slingo Inc., after recognising how popular standard slot games had become amongst players. 

In the modern-day, you can play dozens of Slingo games online, each with unique themes and variations. Much like a standard game of Bingo, the game is laid out on a five by five grid, where you can find 25 random numbers. Below this is a set of reels, just like those found in slot games. 

Once you’ve placed your wager, you’ll get to set the reels in motion, hoping to match the symbols displayed in the outcome to the ones on your grid. In doing this, you’ll mark off the numbers, creating what’s known as a slingo.

Creating slingos

The more slingos you create, the more chance you have at bagging a prize. The more horizontal, diagonal or vertical rows you fill, the further you can progress up the bonus multiplier ladder. Marking off enough rows can trigger various bonus rounds, but this can depend on the Slingo variation you’ve chosen to play. 

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Slingo symbols

There are some common symbols you’ll find in a game of Slingo, including a Joker, Super Joker and Devil icon. The Joker acts as a wild, appearing on the reels at any point, helping you to mark off any fixed number located on the same column. 

The Super Joker is similar to the Joker, however it allows you to mark off any number, anywhere on the Bingo Grid. The Devil symbol acts as a blocker, preventing you from marking off any numbers in that specific column. 

You might also find free spin symbols, so keep your eyes peeled!

The different ways you can play

As previously mentioned, there are dozens of Slingo games you can play online. Whilst this doesn’t quite compare to the thousands of online Slots or live Bingo games, there are still some great themes, animations and features to be enjoyed when playing Slingo. 

You might find the likes of television-inspired Deal or No Deal Slingo, where you can go up against the banker in this gameshow classic. Or, you could explore the Big Bass franchise with Big Bass Bonanza Keeping it Reel! There’s also Book of Slingo, Slingo Fire and Ice, and Slingone Fishing, just to name a few! 

So, how will you play?

Do you think you’ll be trying your chances on the more traditional Slot games or Bingo grids? Or will you be giving Slingo a go?