Personalised Mugs: Why They are Best Gift Choices

Promotional products extend brand reach, draw potential customers, create a unique identity, and increase leads. Most companies include them in their sales, advertising, or marketing campaigns. 

The available statistics certainly seem to establish their efficacy. For instance, 90% of people recall the company’s name which offered them this item, while 80% remember a brand’s logo or message imprinted on the product. 

But contrary to popular belief, promotional items do not always have to be expensive. There are plenty of items that you can use as gifts effectively to advertise your company to an audience. For example, personalised mugs with your company’s name imprinted on the front part of the body.

What are the different types of mugs available, and how can a branding company help you? Read on to know below.

Reasons to Use Mugs as Promotional Items

As mentioned above, giving personalised mugs as gifts has plenty of benefits for your business. Firstly, imprinting your company’s name, logo or phone number on the mug’s body will ensure that your brand is a part of the daily routine of tea or coffee drinkers. 

Secondly, they also enjoy high functionality. Unlike some promotional items which people use occasionally or once every few months, coffee mugs are used by people several times a day. Having a cup by their side makes the coffee/tea drinking process convenient and enjoyable for them.

Thirdly, they are available in various colours, designs, and materials, allowing you to customise them according to your brand’s requirements. They cost less than other types of drinkware, including glasses, shakers, and bottles.

Different Types of Mugs

Ceramic Espresso Mugs 

Ceramic espresso mugs with white exteriors and differently coloured interiors are stylish and elegant and serve their intended purpose excellently. The various interior colours let you easily distinguish yours from the others, preventing others from using your mug or vice versa. 


No one likes a cup that leaks all over the place, creating an unsightly mess. And when you’re working with computers and keyboards, even the slightest spill causes problems in its functioning or causes damage. A leakproof mug prevents the chances of spillage, letting you enjoy your favourite beverage in leisure. 


Are you eager to display your sense of humour to your clients? Gifting omega mugs, with their unique symbol, is the best way to do that. Maths, science or computer whiz will love these. 


Are you aware of clients who are avid coffee drinkers and enthusiastic about items made from bamboo? Gifting personalised bamboo coffee mugs is an excellent idea. They will enjoy the gift and appreciate your company’s environmental concern. 

These are easier to grip because they are made of natural fibres. You can add unique designs or imprint your company’s initials. Since the market for eco-friendly products keeps growing, gifting a bamboo mug will help you reach a broad audience of potential customers. 

How Can a Promotional Supplier Help?

They can help you find a mug that suits your company’s requirements and offer free design assistance and support to create a design that effectively reflects your brand’s message. Promotional gift suppliers also deliver bulk orders at reasonable prices while ensuring you receive the products without damage.

Giving coffee mugs as promotional gifts will make a positive impression on your clients, and they will thank you. It is stylish, convenient, and valuable, and it will remind the clients of your company every time they use the mug and glance at your company’s brand or logo on the body.