Mobile Apps Student Pilots Need to Download

mobile apps

Since this is the generation of technology, there is no doubt that almost everything will be done online. It also goes with your pilot training. Tons of amazing mobile apps could help you get through with your pilot training. With the help of these mobile apps, you are ensured to have fun and make it through with your training easily.

If you have the chance, do not hesitate to download these mobile apps. The main reason for that is because you will learn tons of important things with the help of those apps. You can see on this app all the Air Force pilot requirements and other technical stuff. So, if you have a problem choosing between them, here are all of the mobile apps available.

ForeFlight Aviation Mobile App

ForeFlight is the most popular and well-known mobile aviation app right now. That is because they offer everything that you need to learn on how to become a pilot. It is also one of the suggested apps used by the famous US Air Force Academy. Since this is the first that will be provided, it is expected that you will be provided with the best.


The second app presented to you is one of the simplest and most basic ones to use. It is none other than AeroWeather. Using this app, you would be able to take advantage of tons of amazing things. One function of this mobile app is that it shows you Metars and TAFs on the airports you search. You can also add them to your favorites.

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Windy is a mobile aviation app that has the primary goal of showing you how winds are flowing. The best thing about this is that it is being conducted in real-time. That means you would not need to worry about the wind because you would know exactly how it is going. It is the perfect app to use if you are planning a cross-country journey.

AvFuel Converter

Out of all the mobile apps that have been presented, this could be the most important one of them all. That is because this mobile app does your fuel conversion for you. This app can be an essential tool if you are flight planning. That is because you would know the range and the fuel that you have in your plane. Check this out now!


Much like the first mobile app that has been presented to you, AutoDens is like ForeFlight. They have almost the same features, but there is a significant difference between them. That reason is that with ForeFlight, you would need to open multiple tabs, and with AutoDens, you wouldn’t have to. All you need to do is open this app, and you will be good.

ATPL Dictionary

The ATPL dictionary is one of the essential mobile apps that you should download. That is because it would greatly help you on your road to be a professional pilot in the future. The primary purpose of this is for you to learn all the new words. So, if you’re ready to get that pilot salary that you are dreaming of, download the ATPL dictionary now!

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Flight Aware Or Flight Radar

Both of these mobile apps are the best option for both students and flight enthusiasts. The reason for that is because the primary purpose of this is to track flights. All you have to do is search for a flight, and you would know the path it has taken. It would also work best if you want to learn how those pilots flew their planes. Just go and check this one out!


Like any other school with students learning, any aviation school requires a textbook called the FAR/AIM textbook. And the purpose of this app is to help students to learn a lot easier and hassle-free. That is because this app contains all the contents of that specific textbook. So, it would be easier to look up some essential words and acronyms.


Now for the final mobile app that will be provided to you, presenting the CloudAhoy! This app is perfect for debriefing a training flight. Once you have already set this up, all your flight data will be collected from the app called CloudAhoy. It is an app that will provide detailed data on your flight. So, don’t worry about losing all that critical data.


There you have it, some of the best and most useful apps that you can take advantage of when you are training to become a successful professional pilot. Just go ahead and check these out. Once you have already downloaded them, you will not regret it.