D.Va Light Gun – a perfect accessory for cosplay

D.Va is a fictional character from the popular multiplayer first-person shooter game Overwatch. She is a professional gamer from South Korea who later became a robot pilot to protect her country from the threats of omnic robots known as Omnics.

Designby3d designers have developed a fantastic version of the D Va Light Gun from the Overwatch universe. When creating, they took into account all the details of this legendary pistol. 3D printing was used for production, thanks to which the artisans could reproduce even the most minor details of the gun. This weapon will be an excellent accessory for a D.Va cosplay costume and a great addition to the collection for those who like to collect fake weapons from cult games.

Who is D.va?

D.Va’s primary weapon is her light pistol, which deals significant damage with fast bullets.

The mech, controlled by D.Va, combines power and mobility. It is equipped with two automatic atomic cannons for close combat and can also overcome obstacles and fly over enemies using boosters. Using a protective matrix, D.Va shoots down projectiles flying at her.

D.Va has become one of Overwatch’s most popular and recognizable characters outside of the game. Fans love her for her personality, wit, and fascinating backstory. She has appeared in various Overwatch short films, comics, merchandise, and promotional materials, further popularising her character among cosplayers.

D.Va’s Light Gun is a popular and recognizable weapon among cosplayers. Artisans have faithfully reproduced the elegant futuristic design and vibrant color scheme while maintaining the original gaming pistol’s original aesthetics.

Thanks to high-quality materials, the light gun will last a long time without problems or breakdowns. Printed using durable plastic and metal, it will easily withstand cosplay, conferences, and demonstrations and is also great for photo shoots.

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Benefits of D.Va cosplay gun

By ordering a D.Va cosplay gun, Overwatch fans can get many benefits, for example:

  • D.Va’s light gun will help cosplayers accurately create the character’s image.
  • This weapon itself is quite bright and eye-catching. It will definitely attract the attention of other cosplayers, photographers, and event visitors.
  • Thanks to its design, this gun is perfect for photo shoots; the pictures will be bright and attractive.
  • This gun can be used at cosplay conferences and various costume parties, such as Halloween.
  • D.Va’s light gun will fit perfectly into any cosplay weapon collection.

Thanks to the excellent quality mentioned above, this pistol is a wonderful addition to the image in any situation. Overall, D.Va’s light gun cosplay allows fans to express their creativity and passion for the world of Overwatch.

How is the light gun created?

Designby3d artisans paid particular attention to the design of the light gun. When creating the model for 3D printing, they strictly adhered to the proportions and contours of the weapon. They add originality to the gun:

  • panel lines;
  • rivets;
  • stickers.

They are accurately reproduced and make the pistol as authentic as possible. The artists perfectly painted the surfaces in bright colours, bringing D.Va’s light gun to life.

The gun looks great and is suitable for cosplayers and collectors, thanks to quality materials.

This lightweight weapon is easy to handle, making it ideal for gamers for photo shoots, games, and demonstrations.

The pistol was designed with ergonomics in mind, so it is comfortable to hold and does not tire your hands.

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At the request of the customer, craftsmen can add such functional elements as

  • led lights;
  • sound effects.

This will undoubtedly add zest, making it noticeable and attractive. Before ordering, clients can choose from a variety of skins.