Matthew Tyler Vorce Age, Wiki, Bio & More!

matthew tyler vorce age

One name that has multiple introductions from being a great actor, writer, entrepreneur, and television celebrity is Matthew Tyler Vorce. The personality is known to the world for his immense aptitude in acting and other sectors that we’ve spoken of above. But Matthew Tyler has a large fan following and that’s compelling his fans to know about Matthew Tyle Vorce age, relationship status, and more about him!

And if you fall under those people who are keen on learning more about Matthew’s personal life, look no further than what we have in store for you below! We’re sure to give you a complete brief about his life in the segment below!

matthew tyler vorce age

Who Is Matthew Tyler Vorce?

For those who are new to this name, let me tell you that Matthew Tyler Vorce is a popular Tv star who is known to the world for his fantastic performance in Mother, May I Sleep With Danger in 2016. Even though he has been seen in many more films like Dark Hours- Typee Little Monsters and The Curse of Frank Sinatra, his performance in Mother, May I Sleep With Danger is extremely famous.

Apart from his presence on celluloid, Matthew has been seen in several theatres as well. He has shown his immense acting skills, and also you can tell that he has aced the performance on-screen because of his experience in theatre.

The stalwarts have always told us that theatre is the basis of learning acting. And anyone who has this experience is sure to be called an actor with calibre.

Matthew is credited for being one of the creators of the podcast, Searching for Putty Man. It was a horror podcast that was released on iHeartRadio but can no longer be found on any platforms. Apart from that, Vorce is known to have immense interest in music too.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce Age

Due to some unknown reason, Mathew Tyler Vorce age is not known exactly. According to sources, he’s approximately twenty-nine to thirty years of age.

Matthew Tyler Vorce personal life

Matthew started acting a long time back in 2012. One of his very first projects was Little Monsters. Not much is known about his education except that he attended The Groundlings School for basic and intermediate improv. And later he also attended Playhouse West.

We have already mentioned that this man has multiple talents. But not all of them are related to the entertainment industry. He has tried and had a shot at multiple things. According to various sources, Matthew Tyler Vorce has experience in dance and other sports like Ice hockey and football. His willingness to try various things shows how determined he is.

Matthew Tyler Vorce relationship status

According to recent updates, Matthew is single. In recent years, the actor was a topic of conversation and even controversy for dating Billie Eilish. Billie is one of the most popular and successful music artists of the generation. She has millions of fans who eagerly wait for her every move. It is no surprise that they soon found out about Billie and Matthew’s relationship. Alleged rumors suggest that the pair had been dating for almost a year when they were seen together in Santa Barbara in 2021. There were pictures taken of them in public, being cozy with each other. Fans went crazy about it, some were happy and some not. Due to their almost ten year age-gap, many fans called Matthew offensive names for dating Billie.

Neither of them had made any statements denying or agreeing to the relationship rumors. But fans got to know very soon that the pair had broken up. Many started speculating that Matthew had cheated on Billie. That was the only time Matthew took it to his Instagram story and said that no one had cheated. He cleared the misconceptions and said that the relationship had ended like any relationship can. Matthew even went on to say that he wishes no one spreads wrong information just for the sake of it as that can be dangerous.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce controversy

Dating a popular musician isn’t the only reason why Matthew was a topic of controversy. Apparently, at some point in the past, he had made racist and homophobic comments on the internet. Those very statements resurfaced on Twitter in 2021 and thus started a controversy. People expressed displeasure at his words. Matthew then released another statement regarding his past comments. He said that he felt deeply sorry for the words he had used in the past and that he holds himself accountable. Matthew also added that he would take responsibility 9f his actions and won’t use such offensive words again. The topic died down after that.

matthew tyler vorce age

Matthew Tyler Vorce net worth

Despite working on a few selected projects, Matthew Tyler Vorce has acquired a high net worth. His exact net worth is unknown as he is a very private person. But various sources have approximated his net worth to be around $300k. The actor still has a long way to go, hence this number is only going to increase.

Final Thoughts

This is where we will end our segment on Matthew Tyler Vorce age and more. We hope that you have read something new about Matthew Tyler Vorce’s age, personal life, relationship status, controversy, and net worth. The man has many talents but is best known for his acting skills. He might have been the topic of various rumors and controversies but has taken responsibility for his actions. Matthew is a very private person, but he knows when to speak up and where. If you’ve read it this far, let us know your views on the topic in the comments below.