League of Legends patch 10.14: What you need to know

League of Legends patch

On July 8th, the latest league of legends patch 10.14 was released. This new patch creates significant changes for players, compromising of numerous buffs, nerfs, and fun new cosmetics for players to use.

These new buffs and nerfs will no doubt influence eSports gamers’ choice of characters, weapons, and strategies. Players will need to adapt to these changes, altering their strategy accordingly to stay on top of their game.

First, we will begin with the buffs.

The latest buffs

The main buffs in the latest patch apply to players and their abilities:

  • Alistar now receives a cooldown decrease in Pulverize
  • Karthus has received a health and movement speed increase
  • Lay Waste has received a damage increase
  • Damage to monsters has been increased
  • Zed’s living shadow missile has had a speed increase

These are the most notable buffs, however, you can read the full patch notes on the official LoL website.

The latest nerfs

The main nerfs in the latest patch also apply to players and their abilities:

  • Ezreal’s arcane Shift cooldown has been increased
  • Pyke’s base magic has been nerfed and armor growth decreased 
  • Ghostwater Dive’s movement speed has been reduced to 40% in all ranks
  • Trundle’s Frozen Domain has received increased attack speed

Once again, there are numerous other nerfs in the latest patch. However, these are the most striking.


The final component of the new patch is the introduction of a whole new set of new cosmetics. These are eight new champion skins for players to use, providing a fun and unique look to some of their favorite characters.

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What does this new patch mean for competitive players?

This depends on the character a player uses. However, for most, they may need to change their play style, whether that is being slightly more aggressive on the attack or more defensive against opponents and NPC characters.

eSports players must adapt to these changes quickly, especially with tournaments upcoming.

Take away 

The latest league of legends patch contains significant character buffs and nerfs. eSports players will need to adjust their strategy accordingly, whether that means playing less aggressive or a little more defensive.

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