Krithi Shetty Age, Life Details & Much More!

krithi shetty age

In this era, you must have heard of many upcoming actresses as well as actors. Some of them have recently been seen coming in the South Indian Movies. The talents and the skills they have are very bright for our future entertainment industry. One of those upcoming as well as the well-known star is Krithi Shetty age and much more in the segment below!

She has been very brilliant with her acting skills. At a very young age, this star has shown wonders. To keep reading more about her, you need to scroll through the blog! All your questions and doubts will be answered as you proceed with reading.

krithi shetty age

Where is Kritthi Shetty from?

Kritthi Shetty, as per sources, is a Kannadiga. She is from Mangalore, Karnataka. But she was born in Mumbai. Her parents were there working, and so she spent her childhood in the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Kitthi Shetty’s Career

Kitthi Shetty is still young. She has been approaching her career in the movies as well as modelling. She did her very first movie in Telugu opposite Vaishnav Tej in the movie Uppena. The movie was a hit in the halls, and she is on the way to becoming a well-known Tollywood actress. She is also planning to pave her way in Tamil, Telugu as well as Kannada movies.

Many are waiting to see more of her. She has also been seen in music videos where she’s acting as well. She is the youngest actress whom the Tollywood industry has for now.

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krithi shetty age

Krithi Shetty Age

When the movie Uppena was released, Kritthi Shetty age was 17 back then. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 21st of September of every year. Currently, she is 18 years old. Once September comes, that is, in three months, Kritthi will turn 19 years old.

Kritthi Shetty’s Education Qualifications

Kritthi is still young and has been pursuing her graduation. She completed her high school at some school in her hometown itself. She is currently pursuing her graduation from Bengaluru University.

Where is Kritthi Shetty currently staying?

Kritthi Shetty, as she has been trying to complete her graduation, is currently residing in the heart of Bangalore itself. For the years she will be graduating, she will be residing there itself. As for her shootings and promotions, she keeps on travelling as per the requirements or needs.

What is Kritti Shetty’s salary?

For her, she is still a beginner or can be called an amateur in her field. But she has just begun her career. Maybe in the later stages, she can earn a lot. But for now, for each film or movie she does, she earns around 10 to 15 lakhs or a little more. Apart from that, she also earns from different commercials and paid advertisements as well as sponsorships. All of this amounts up to her salary.

Krithi Shetty’s Family

As far as known, Kritthi Shetty has been brought up as a single child herself. Nothing about her having any siblings is known to the world. About her parents, Kritthi’s mother is a well-known fashion designer and has been working in Mumbai. This is why Kritthi’s initial years of her childhood were spent in Mumbai. Her name is known as Neethi Shetty.

Whereas Kritthi Shetty’s father is a renowned businessman whose name is Krishna Shetty. Both her parents are supportive of their careers. And has been leading quite the life.

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What is Krithi Shetty’s net worth?

Kritthi started earning well at quite a young age. In that sort, she has established quite an asset for her. For now, she has a net worth of only 14 crores. But her net worth will increase with the years passing by in her career.

Does Kritthi Shetty have any lover or boyfriend?

Kritthi is too young for any kind of love. She is more focused on settling her career and graduating for the moment. In all of these, it is very sure that Kritthi Shetty is single for now. And it is going to be continued like this until se settles in her life.

What are the languages known to Kritthi Shetty?

Kritthi Shetty has grown outside of Bangalore in Mumbai. So very well, she is well-versed in Hindi. Apart from that, Krtthi Shetty also knows three other languages Telugu, Tamil as well as English.

What is Krithi Shetty’s Height?

Krithi Shetty age is 18 years old. As per that, her height is accurate. She is around 5ft 7inches or 5ft 6inches. She might grow a little tall in the upcoming years. Other than that, she is absolutely stunning as well as gorgeous. She is perfect for being the model as per her height as well s body measurements.

Krithi Shetty’s Weight

The young lady has the ideal body weight as well as height. She has been stunning and does not disappoint at any cost. Her body structure is perfect and is meant for modeling. Not only that, Kritthi Shetty weighs only 55kgs. It might vary a little from time to time. But she’s following a particular diet to maintain her figure.

Final Thoughts

Since being her first movie released, she has attained quite a fame in the Tollywood industry. Definitely, many will be excited to see the young lady and show her skills and acting as well. It would definitely take more time to settle off in the industry, but soon it will happen. A

All the information found about her in this blog is well researched as well as verified. Hope you found the information that you have been looking for and all your questions and doubts have been answered. Share the blog with those who want to know about Krithi Shetty Age!