iPhone X will be mass-produced in India or ready for iPhone XE

A week ago, the Indian blog PC-Tablet first sent out a new device named iPhone XE. It is said that the iPhone XE will adopt a special-shaped screen design similar to iPhone X / XS, equipped with a 4.8-inch OLED screen and support for Face ID.

In addition, the single-camera configuration and aluminum backplane mean that this is a new entry-level small-screen iPhone, similar to the rumored iPhone SE 2.

The news pointed out that the iPhone XE will be assembled in Bangalore, India, for less than $600.

This new device didn’t actually attract much attention. There was no authoritative technology media or news of the iPhone XE.

However, according to the latest news, Foxconn will begin mass production of the iPhone X in India this summer, and foreign media speculate that this is Apple’s preparation for the local assembly of the iPhone XE.

According to 9to5mac, iPhone X will be the first OLED device produced by Apple in India. Some iPhones have been assembled in India, but they are all mid-range or old models, such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

According to the report, Foxconn plans to start a small-scale trial production of the iPhone X this month, and in July this year began mass production in the Chennai plant in eastern India.

According to the news quoted by the Indian Economic Times, the production of iPhone X is one of Foxconn’s plans to expand its iPhone assembly business in India. As production capacity and scale increase, more iPhones will be produced in India in the future. Includes a new entry-level iPhone.

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The news about Foxconn’s iPhone production in India has been published since last year. The report pointed out that Foxconn invested 356 million US dollars to expand the scale of iPhone production in India and created about 25,000 new jobs for India.

The iPhone’s assembly in India can further reduce product costs and reduce import tariffs. In addition, India requires 30% of local products to open a physical store, so Apple must increase the production scale of the iPhone if it wants to open a store in India.

In addition, idropnews said that the mass production of iPhone X in India is also preparing for the rumored iPhone XE.

From the current situation, the assembly and production business of the high-end flagship iPhone will still be in China, but the entry-level OLED equipment will be transferred to India to increase sales in the local area.

The rumored iPhone XE is an iPhone X-like device. It can also be seen from the naming that this is an evolution of iPhone X. Foxconn did not have experience in producing OLED devices in India, and iPhone X can be assembled in India. Pave the way for iPhone XE ahead of time.

In addition, rumors and breaking news about the iPhone XE have been linked to India, PC-Tablet news is said to come from Foxconn’s assembly plant in India.

For those interested in small screen iPhones, look forward to it.