How to Update Drivers (Windows 10): 5 Best Driver Update Software

How to Update Drivers

Have you been dealing with a lot of hardware problems on Windows 10? Well, it might be the case that the problem is basically with the present driver. So below we have got 3 ways for you so you can update your computer’s drivers.

Update Drivers

The device driver is basically a crucial piece of code which makes the Windows 10 able in detecting as well as interacting with particular hardware part (for example, hard drive, graphics card, and/or network adapter), along with the peripherals which consists of mice, printers, monitors, keyboards, and many such others.

When it comes to Windows 10, usually, it is able to detect and setup/install drivers with the use of an array of product drivers (automatically) that are built into the system and Windows Update. However, occasionally, you might be feeling the need to have your device updated for various different reasons manually. For example, in the case of a particular part of the hardware, it isn’t automatically recognized and stops operating right after the upgrade.

Moreover, Windows Update would do the installation of a generic package, or you will require accessing a bug fix or/and new feature. It doesn’t matter what reason lay behind, Windows 10 is well equipped with various options in order to update a device driver, which include the use of Device Manager, Windows Update, and the utilization of auto-update assistants from the manufacturers of the device.

So with the help of this Windows 10 guide, we will let you guided through various ways on how to update drivers properly and how to update your computer’s hardware drivers. Other than that, below we have also outlined the basic steps so you are able to know if the driver was even updated successfully and more.

Update Windows Drivers Step by Step Guide

  • How can you update drivers with the use of Windows Update?
  • How can you update drivers with the use of Device Manager?
  • How can you update graphics drivers on Windows 10?
  • How can you detect if a driver is now updated successfully?

How can you Update Drivers with the Use of Windows Update?

Although manufacturers may take some time in order to publish their newest driver updates in the Windows Update, it’s still one among the most suggested methods in order to download as well as install drivers. Because when it’s about the packages in the following channel, they have been verified, well tested, and signed by Microsoft.

In order to update device drivers quickly with the use of Windows Update, you may go ahead and utilize the following steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Update & Security.
  3. Tap on Windows Update.
  4. Tap the button called Check for updates.

check for updates

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, if you are able to detect a driver is missing especially after the upgrade or/and clean installation, or you may also notice a new driver been published in order to improve the version which is older, it is likely to get downloaded as well as installed automatically.

How can you Update Drivers with the Use of Device Manager?

Alternatively, you are able to update drivers like if we say for a monitor, wireless adapter, printer, and various other components with the use of the Device Manager.

Installing the driver from Microsoft

In order to update any device driver using the Device Manager especially on Windows 10, make sure to check out and use the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Find the Device Manager via Search option and click the first result in order to force open the experience.
  • Now, double-click the category that you want to update using the device.
  • Right-click the device, and then choose the Update Driver option.

click on update drivers

  • Choose the option which says Search automatically for updated driver software.

Search automatically for updated driver software

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, just in the case if any latest update is available, Device Manager will download as well as install the package similar to Windows Update automatically.

Driver Installation from the Manufacturer

If through Windows Update, the driver isn’t available, it could be because of the reason that it’s too new or/and it’s available in beta only, and hence, you will require downloading and installing the package from the support website of the manufacturer manually.

While you are looking to get an update from the support website of the manufacturer, you may always have to follow the given instructions. Also, if no instructions are available there, double-click at “.exe” self-extracting package, or you may also use the below-given guide for extracting the “.zip” compressed file content, and then use the following steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Look for Device Manager using Search & opt for the top result in order to open the experience.
  • Double-click at the category using the device that you have to update.
  • Right-click the device and then make a selection of the Update Driver option.

Update Driver Option

  • Tap the Browse my computer for driver software option.

Browse my computer for driver software

  • Click Browse.

Browse Manually and Update Drivers

  • Choose the main folder that has the content you have previously extracted.
  • Click OK.
  • Check the option called Include subfolders in order to allow the wizard for finding the accurate “.inf” file which consists of the instructions for updating the driver.
  • Click Next.

Once you are done with the mentioned steps, the new driver will get installed on your PC in order to improve the complete experience with new functionalities, fixes, or new support that depends on the update. While it’s possible for you to update a component manually with the use of this method, typically, you will be using these steps for installing the older hardware.

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How can you Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10?

Although it’s not usually suggested updating drivers, unless it is really necessary, graphics manufacturers have been rolling out various updates continually in order to improve the overall experience along with the support of displays and to also fix issues with computer games.

Moreover, in the case, if you have the requirement for the newest update for the graphics card, you can simply use the graphics control panel which is available from Nvidia, AMD, as well as Intel in order to download and/or install the driver which is most up-to-date, instead of waiting for the arrival through Windows Update. Updating graphics drivers will allow you to play popular games like Sims 4 pc version, PUBG and PUBG Lite and more HD games without any lag.

So below we have got a few options that you can use for downloading the software which resonates with your brand:

  • Intel Driver & Support Assistant.
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience.
  • AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition.

After you are done with the download of the app for the graphics card, you will able to install the software easily as your typical next, next, next wizard, and click the button which says update from the driver’s section for installing the newest driver.

graphics driver update

Manually Download the Graphics Driver

If you do not wish to add the extra software piece on your PC, you can opt for downloading the newest graphics drivers from the support website of your manufacturer directly. You may also opt for the below-given options for the installation of the newest graphics driver:

  • Intel.
  • Nvidia.
  • AMD.

Once you are done with downloading the package, ensure you are following the instructions by your manufacturer so that you can complete the process of installation.

Automatically Download Graphics Driver

If you are unsure of the graphics card model, most of the companies also provide you with the assistant tool in order to automatically check or install or download the newest driver.

You can also opt for using the options that we have given below if you want to download or/and start the auto-detect along with the installation of the driver assistant especially in the case of your graphics card:

  • Nvidia.
  • Intel.
  • AMD.

While you are on the website, go ahead and click download for the assistant. Now, double-click the executable, and carry on with the directions on-screen for completing the driver update. In the case, if you’re utilizing an Intel integrated graphics card, you may have to remember that the PC manufacturers are able to modify drivers for limiting or expanding their functions they have to function as smoothly as possible in their devices.

So if your desktop, laptop, or tablet is from any of these companies such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc., it’s suggested to get the newest update from the support website they have, instead of opting for Intel. Otherwise, your device is likely to experience behaviors that are unexpected, which includes missing features or configurations.

How to check if a Driver is now updated successfully?

Once you are done with the installation of an update for a specific driver, you may also opt for ensuring the newest version gets applied accurately. So if you want to go through the driver data on Windows 10, ensure to follow these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Look for the Device Manager using Search and then click the very first result for opening the experience.
  • Double-click the category that you want to update with the device.
  • Right-click the device, and choose the Properties option.


  • Select the Driver tab.
  • See the information on “Driver Date” and “Driver Version”.

Driver Version

After you are done with the above steps, if you feel these details are matching the data provided by your manufacturer, then it’s clear that you’re using the newest version of the driver.

Five Best Driver Update Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

The driver performs an essential job in the working of your PC. Hence it is constantly prescribed to keep it updated with the latest for the solid working of your computer.  Some of the indications of corrupted or outdated drivers are sound/video slack, distorted display or printer similarity. So in order to keep them up to date, it is possible that you can go an additional mile and manually update them or can get one of the best driver update software for Windows.

Looking for a software for driver update can be a bothersome undertaking, so to spare you from the issue of picking the best one; we have referenced the absolute best software here:

1. Smart Driver Care

With an excellent UI and consistent execution, Smart Driver Care is a standout amongst the best software for driver update. The device scans and displays the rundown of corrupted or outdated drivers. It causes you to improve the presentation of your PC easily. It helps in fixing & updating all drivers without a moment’s delay, so you don’t need to update them separately.


Why You Should Prefer Smart Driver Care?

Since it comes equipped with in-built features, you don’t just update drivers but are able to perform several tasks in order to enhance the performance of the system.

  • Easy To Setup: This software is easy to install and has the modern interface as well as a labeled button which can be used by any person.
  • Updates Outdated Drivers: Just in case if any drivers of the system are corrupted or outdated or even missing, then what Smart Driver Care will do is it will scan as well as fix all the drivers at once.
  • Scans Registry Editor: The tool also helps in scanning and detecting invalid registries. Moreover, you are able to get rid of these invalid registries with the use of just a single click.
  • Consists of Startup Manager: It helps in removing the unnecessary things from Startup in order to speed up the boot time of your system.
  • Comes With Web Protection: Web Protection feature ensures your safety while you are browsing. It also blocks any suspicious websites for simply avoiding any malware infections.
  • Backup: Before you make any changes, it helps in creating a backup of all the drivers. So, in the case, if anything doesn’t go as per the plan, you are able to restore the drivers.
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So all in all when it comes to the Smart Driver Care, it is a one-stop solution for enhancing the performance of your system with the removal of the underlying driver issues along with the registry issues. It searches the official driver updates for your computer and helps in updating them without much effort.

2. WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip is one more highly-efficient maintenance tool in order to update and manage your PC’s drivers. This comes under the most convenient or fastest updaters of all the Windows driver tools. Moreover, WinZip makes sure that it provides you with a super-smooth performance by automatically updating device drivers.

As a driver updater tool, it also fulfills good PC attributes, which helps in protecting your system from any type of accidental crashes, and helps in automatically fetching the list of drivers which are best-suited for your computer.

Also, it hands you over a PC that is sorted as well as functioning smoothly. WinZip comes equipped with all these qualities in the form of various tools or features. Once you are done installing the software, it will perform scanning automatically and display which device drivers require instant actions.

You’ll be shown with an interface with various menus like Home Tab, Backup, PC Scan, and Options menu (filled with general settings as well as more customization options).


Key Functions:

  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Highly-efficient scanning engine.
  • Easy to plan the scheduling periodic scans.
  • Backup Manager for creating a complete & individual backup of drivers to restore easily.
  • Helps in installing original drivers from manufacturers.
  • Exclusion list, to remove drivers from the scan process.
  • Highly compatible with the newest OS and devices.

WinZip Driver Updater is one of the excellent driver updaters which are basically meant for all the users of the computer without caring for their tech skills level.

3. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater, among the overabundance of top driver updates, is the best program to consider updating faulty, outdated, or missing PC drivers. It includes every one of the characteristics of perfect Software; Advanced Driver Updater recognizes and introduces the best updates for your PC automatically.


Why You Should Prefer Advanced Driver Updater?

It’s like a nifty tool that comes equipped with all the key functionalities you may have been searching in an ideal driver update tool.

  • Easy-to-use: It can be set up and used quickly and has a modern interface along with a clearly labeled button in order to navigate through. And hence, it’s a perfect tool for a new computer user.
  • Automatic Scanning: It helps in auto-scanning the entire PC for outdated, missing, or corrupt and damaged drivers.
  • Supports almost all types of Drivers: It supports various device drivers along with multiple drivers can be downloaded in huge quantity.
  • One-Click Fix: Downloads are done quickly with the help of a single click, you are also able to repair all the outdated or damaged or missing drivers.
  • Scheduler: It offers Scheduled Scanning and hence, you don’t have to check for driver updates manually every week or month.
  • Exclusion List: You are able to choose the device drivers easily that you have to exclude from scanning.
  • Always-up-to-date: Its online driver database provides real-time scanning, and hence, you get the newest drivers each time.
  • Highly-Compatible: It also supports the newest versions of Windows.
  • Multilingual: The driver update tool is highly compatible with 10 plus languages including Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Russian, etc.

Moreover, it holds strong abilities in order to opt for only official drivers for your computer and prevent hardware issues comprehensively.

4. Smart Driver Updater

Smart Driver Updater is the most compatible driver tool which has a large driver database, at around 1.2 million, which ranges from hardware parts to peripherals. The first scan is free so you are able to scan your PC and evaluate the result. You can then decide whether this is good or not. Also, the Smart Driver Updater has all the newest features like scanning, detecting, and updating the drivers effortlessly.


Key Functions:

  • Quickly improves PC performance.
  • Huge Driver database.
  • The interface is really intuitive.
  • It has a scheduler for scanning automatically.
  • It has the one-click Backup along with the restore option for getting the default device drivers back just in case if anything goes wrong.
  • Provides a brief idea about PC’s health.

Moreover, the pro version of this one also brings various features like Cache Cleaner, Startup Manager, Uninstaller, etc. to clean or optimizing PC to perform better.

5. Driver Reviver

Equipped with robust functionalities, Driver Reviver is a great driver update program, suited for both personal as well as commercial use. With this, you can efficiently update or fix the drivers of a whole of driver parts, which includes Audio & Video Cards, MFP Devices, Laptops, Monitors, Scanners, Bluetooth, and more.

Moreover, the software is as same as WinZip Driver Updater and works better for users who have been dealing with a slower PC or getting weird error messages on their computer because of outdated drivers. Other than that, the software is easy-to-use, organized systematically and gives the user powerful performance.


It also has various features for managing as well as controlling your PC for good results. It also removes the risk of downloading infected drivers and helps in preventing them from rendering your PC inoperable.

Key Functions:

  • Provides quick scanning and perform fast for fixing the outdated drivers.
  • Provides better results than other tools.
  • Boosts the overall performance after fixing/updating the drivers.
  • Lists the highlighting problems with the driver.
  • The interface is basically similar to the WinZip Driver Updater.
  • Functions with OEM in order to provide users with the newest driver updates.
  • Large and clear buttons which are labeled to navigate through various modules.
  • Exclusion feature.
  • Supports the newest Windows version.
  • Malware and Bloatware free.

Driver Reviver is a great tool for inexperienced as well as pro computer maniacs alike. Updating drivers may increase the health of your device and you need an activate internet connection to make sure that your drivers are always up to date.