How to Obtain Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Credential by Passing Cisco 200-901 Exam Using Only Practice Tests?

How to Obtain Cisco Certified

The newly introduced certificate was recently released on the Cisco website. It is called Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, and Cisco 200-901 is the required exam for this credential. The 200-901 certification test was announced just a few months ago. It forms part of several changes that the company has made to its exams and certification paths that will take effect on February 24, 2020.

The name of this test is known as DevNet Associate,and it is popularly written as 200-901 DEVASC Dumps . It measures the learners’ knowledge of software development and design, infrastructure and automation, and understanding of APIs on the Cisco platforms at the associate level. Let’s talk about this new exam in more detail.

Cisco 200-901 exam prerequisites

There are no official prerequisites for Cisco 200-901. However, it is recommended that the students have a year or more of experience working with software development, including Python programming. The IT professionals who want to take this DevNet Associate exam are also advised to take the course – Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using the Cisco Core Platforms. This is an excellent way of learning all the concepts covered in this certification test.

Cisco 200-901 exam details available at the moment

Unfortunately, there are not so many details related to this exam. There is no information about the number of questions that the test will hold, the approximate exam fee, or the date when the instructor-led course will be available. We only know that the allocated time for the 200-901 test will be 120 minutes, and you can schedule it on Pearson VUE. You can check out the possible new details for this certification exam on the Cisco website.

Armed with the relevant, detailed information and certified study materials, you can be sure of your readiness to write this test and clear it at your first shot. But to pass Cisco 200-901 with flying colors, you need to master all the required skills. Let’s explore the exam topics that you need to study.

Cisco 200-901 exam topics you should learn

The DevNet Associate exam is divided into six prominent knowledge domains. Let’s briefly examine each objective to know where you need to start your preparation.

  1. Software Development and Design
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This knowledge domain mainly deals with topics, such as data formats (YAML, JSON, and XML), software development methods (waterfall, lean, agile), test-driven development concepts, version control, and common design patterns (Observer and MVC).

  1. Understanding and Using APIs

This is another objective that was highlighted in the Cisco 200-901 exam. It mainly deals with topics,such as constructing the REST API request to complete a task given API documentation, explaining common HTTP response codes that are associated with REST APIs, comparing common API styles (RPC, REST, asynchronous, and synchronous), constructing a Python script, identifying parts of HTTP response (body, headers, code, response), explaining and troubleshooting common HTTP response codes, and utilizing the common API authentication mechanism.

  1. Cisco Platforms and Development

Under this subject, there are the subtopics about applying NETCONF, YANG, and RESTCONF in a Cisco environment; identifying the right DevNet resource for a particular scenario (Code Exchange, Sandbox, learning labs, forums, supports, and API documents); constructing a Python script that can use Cisco SDK; describing the capabilities of Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

  1. Application Deployment and Security

The main topics under this knowledge domain are benefits of edge computing, principles of DevOps practices, utilizing Bash commands, describing OWASP threats, utilizing Docker images, constructing a Python unit, and interpreting the contents of a Docker file.

  1. Infrastructure and Automation

Some of the topics covered here include test tools and the use of network simulation, interpreting basic YANG models and unified diff, benefits and principles of the code review process, interpreting the results of NETCONF or RESTCONF query, and the role and use of pyATS and VIRL.

  1. Network Fundamentals

The questions under this domain test the candidates’ knowledge of usage and purpose of VLANs and MAC addresses, IP addresses, subnet mask, routes, and gateways, and functionality of NTP, SNMP, NAT, DNS, and DHCP.

Cisco 200-901 exam registration and preparation

The Cisco 200-901 exam is not yet available for the students. Those who want to take it will have to wait until early 2020 when this certification test will be officially launched. Precisely, the exam will take effect on February 24, 2020. Just like with other Cisco tests, 200-901 will also be proctored by Pearson VUE.

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The first and most important step towards preparing for any IT certification test is to enroll for the official body that offers the exam and the associated certificate. This way, you will gain access to all the details about the test and the certification program. There are also practice tests available for the candidates on the Cisco website. The applicants are advised to practice with these mocktests. Doing so will help them know their weak areas and also gauge their general understanding of the material.

Besides the training and study materials that are made available on the official Cisco webpage, there are also equally useful exam preparation tools provided by Exam-labs. The individuals can visit this platform to find out what study materials are available for their preparation for this Cisco test. The resources provided by Exam-Labs are meant to supplement and enhance your preparation process and entire learning experience, but they can also be used as a complete self-study program.

NOTE: After passing the Cisco 200-901 exam, you will earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification, which will be valid for three years. This means that the certified professionals will have to take the test every three years to renew their credential.


Empowering the capabilities of a certificate seeker appears to be the primary theme with all the recent changes that Cisco has made and which have not yet taken effect. That’s actually a good thing for those who are considering the Cisco credential, such as DevNet Associate, CCNA, CCIE, CCNP and so on. The company is providing an offering that will give the test takers more flexibility and focuses mainly on what the employers currently demand. With these pending changes, you can now decide to start with the new Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certificate by taking the Cisco 200-901 exam, or jump straight pursuing the DevNet Professional certification.