How to Have an Optimal Playing Experience on Mobile

Optimal Playing Experience Mobile

How often are you interrupted by a ‘memory almost full’ message just when the game is at its peak? The mobile has become the entertainment device of choice. There are thousands of downloadable games in whatever genre you most prefer. However, the mobile platform is yet to match the console and the PC in the playing experience. Most gamers fault the mobile for its hardware limitations. Here is How to Have an Optimal Playing Experience on Mobile and What can you do to make your mobile gaming experience smoother?

Charge the Batteries

You realise your phone’s full functionality when it is on a full battery. Your smartphone manages its battery resources by cutting off power to functions that are taking too much. HD graphics take a large share of battery power, as does the RAM. You will notice your phone slows when the battery has drained lower than expected.

Charging the battery ensures you get longer gameplay at the best graphics. Consider playing with your smartphone plugged in when playing games that are heavy on the memory and graphics.

If you have an older phone, go for lighter games. Casino games are a good alternative. They are exciting, challenging, and light on battery juice. There are thousands of high-quality games you can find in online casinos. Look at Rizk casino review for a great variety in the latest casino slot and card games.

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Cut off Background Apps

Today’s smartphone has many apps running to keep the phone at optimal functionality. Social media apps stay in the background to give you content vitality. The GPS keeps running to provide location accessibility, and other many apps keep running as well.

Killing background apps frees up RAM, reduces power drainage and better screen refresh rates. You will notice the phone speeds up drastically when you kill background apps.

Keep the Phone Cool

Your smartphone gets hot when using up power because of electrical resistance in various components. Today’s latest smartphones have some kind of cooling system but older smartphones do not have cooling systems.

You will notice your phone heats faster when playing memory intensive games. The phone’s components take up more power, some of which turns to heat energy because of resistance. A faulty battery can also make the phone heat.

Playing while your phone is plugged in gives longer gameplay, but makes the device heat faster. Consider plugging off the phone and plugging it in back at 50% level. If you have a phone with a detachable back cover, take it off.

Turn Off Connectivity

Are you playing a high stakes game on your phone? Keep off the distraction by turning on Airplane mode and the Wi-Fi. Calls and notifications are blocked, which keeps you focused on the game.

Buy a Higher Spec Device

You can enjoy the latest games by acquiring a device with matching specifications. What are the specs you should go for in 2021?

  • RAM – If you are a fan of popular HD graphics titles like Call of Duty, you need 8GB memory or bigger
  • Dedicated GPU- A phone with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit can handle HD graphics, delivering smoother and sharper graphics than phones that integrate graphics processing in the CPU.
  • Screen size – Go for a screen size larger than 5.5 inches. This screen size is comfortable for finger control and more enjoyable visuals. If you are not using an Apple device, go for an Organic LED (OLED) screen which offers graphics on the same level as Apple’s Retina graphics.
  • High-capacity battery – If you play for long away from power sources, go for battery size at least 4,000 mAh.
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Mobile gaming is growing faster than PC or console gaming. Most of the favourite titles and other newer ones are coming to mobile. Perhaps it is time you considered getting yourself a new device.