How Much Do You Know About Vapes?


The atomizer is the most important part of the vape, including the inner core heating component and the smoke liquid compartment, wherein the heating component is a replacement component. The atomizers are roughly divided into three types: core change type, oil drop type, and self-made type.

Core Change Type: The main body of the atomizer is the smoke liquid tank. The heat-generating component is called the atomizing core. The atomizer is installed by the atomizing core to work normally. The atomizing core is usually a replaceable part made by the manufacturer. The shape is generally more business, more portable.

Drip Type: It belongs to the atomizer of the self-made heating component. It is characterized by a huge amount of smoke. It takes a few months to open the lid and drip in the oil. There is no oil tank. It’s okay to play, and long-term use is relatively cumbersome. The shape is short and powerful.

Self-made Type: This type of atomizer is the most practical. The core-changing atomizer can also be used to repair the atomizing core with self-heating components, but it has certain difficulty and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. The advantage of this atomizer is that it has a large smoke, good taste and simple core making, so this atomizer is very popular among users and players. For the taste, the effect is based on each person’s hands-on ability and materials. Different. This atomizer can be equipped with a variety of battery rods, whether it is a mechanical cigarette rod or a VV rod, it can perfectly perform excellent performance! The downside is that it’s a bit too big, and it’s a bit heavy, so it’s not convenient to use it when you go out. C8C586A0-4A19-412c-9BEE-FF39A9FA68C4

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What Is the Difference Between The VV rod and the mechanical rod?

First, let’s take a look at the structure of the vape. The vape  is divided into two structures, a battery rod and an atomizer. The VV rod has a circuit board, and the mechanical tobacco rod belongs to a circuit board. The VV rod has a function of adjustable voltage, and the voltage is adjusted according to the resistance of the atomizer. The function of adjusting the voltage allows the user to select the amount of smoke and taste desired.The mechanical tobacco rod belongs to the tobacco rod which cannot adjust the voltage type. The mechanical tobacco rod is usually only a stainless steel tube, and the user needs to purchase the battery of the suitable tobacco rod. The mechanical cigarette rod usually uses a 3.7V lithium battery, while the lithium battery is mostly 18650, 18350.

The unique shape of the mechanical tobacco rod can use other types of lithium batteries. Here we explain that the VV rod generally uses a polymer battery, a slightly better VV rod can use 18650 and 18650 or other types of lithium batteries, the VV rod is limited because of the circuit board, so the VV rod is released. The current power is about 2A to 3.5A, and the voltage is about 3V to 5V, and the low resistance limit is generally less than 1 ohm, after which the battery rod does not work. The mechanical tobacco rod is directly discharged through a lithium battery, and the current power is about 6A. The power difference between the two is almost one-and-a-half, and the mechanical cigarette rod does not limit the minimum resistance. The lithium battery slowly reduces the voltage according to the remaining capacity. The full-state voltage is 4.2V and the minimum voltage is 2.75V.  That being said, you can start digging deeper and consult specialized sources with tons of helpful information if you’re headed all ready to purchase. Visit The Vape House to narrow down your alternatives properly and make the right choice

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What Is the Special Connection between Voltage and The Atomizer?

The mechanical tobacco rod has more power, and the VV rod has a rich voltage phase.

When we choose, we must first determine our own needs. At present, pressure regulation and machinery have their own advantages, but there is one thing that cannot be compared, that is, weight. Mechanical cigarette rods are mostly heavy and belong to the weapon type. Most of the pressure-regulating rods are about everyone, and they are lightweight and full-bodied.

The mechanical cigarette rod is most suitable for the self-made atomizer and the drip-type atomizer. The ordinary core-changing atomizer is easy to burn on the mechanical rod because of the high power. . The self-made atomizer can achieve large smoke and taste and taste through the self-made resistance wire core and the oil guiding material used, while the self-made atomizer mostly has good oil guiding effect, so it is made on the mechanical tobacco rod. The atomizer can exert a strong structural superiority and atomization performance.