How a Screen Extender for Laptop is Beneficial for the Healthcare Information System

Healthcare Information

The hospital Information system plays a vital role in setting up online appointments, delivering online reports to nurses and doctors, and maintaining all the hospital’s records, including staff information, data of patients, and much more. A screen extender for a laptop can make this work much easier and more convenient. It allows hospital employees to view all the key information at once. 

All the employees in the healthcare organization setup interact with the HIS; therefore, it has to be more versatile, efficient, and reliable than any other system. It also has many other sub-systems that handle specific kinds of data. The HIS is also responsible for having all the healthcare data policy decisions. Screen extenders can easily handle all these tasks, and staff members will be able to view multiple data and information at once.

Hospital staff can easily view patient information on one screen and payment invoices or billing on the other screen. Screen extenders like the Trio screen extender for laptops from Mobile Pixels, is a time-saver and efficient simultaneously, making your work experience much easier and smoother than before. Keep reading this article to find out how a laptop screen extender can be beneficial for the HIS. 

Benefits of Screen Extender for Laptops

Screen extender for laptop has proven to be one of the best investments for any business, especially in the healthcare department. Healthcare staff members are always overworked due to the back and forth with patients, appointments, follow-ups, hospital emergencies, etc. 

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Screen extenders provide the best collaboration between healthcare staff and patients. Having a second monitor gives additional space to work effectively and provides better services to patients and customers.  

There are high chances of errors due to the rush of patients, but laptop screen extenders can make their work and data entries more efficient. Some of the key benefits of laptop screen extenders are as follows:

Increased Productivity 

Undoubtedly, increased productivity is one of the prominent benefits of laptop screen extenders. No one can deny the flexibility and productivity of these extenders. It is easy to maintain, and the hospital staff can continuously work on it without any loss of data or efficiency issues. Using two monitors will allow them to work on multiple tasks at the same time and maintain all the records in a proper manner. 

Patients don’t have to wait for hours and can book an appointment easily and quickly. Staff can easily handle all the data and drag and drop all the information from one screen to another in a blink of an eye. 

Improvement in Work Optimization

The addition of a laptop screen extender in a Hospital information system will improve work optimization. It will display more content now and staff can easily swap from patient data to another. Moreover, all the critical data will be saved and easily viewed by the staff. They can pull up the data on one screen and view reference information on the other. 

Healthcare Information

Better Communication

Laptop screen extenders make communication much easier and more convenient. The hospital staff can keep in touch with their patients, their attendees, and management at the same time. They can use several communication tools to connect with the hospital management on one screen and deal with the patients on the other screen. 

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Improved Storage of Medical Documentation

HIS has a lot of important data, including patient appointments, financial information, inventory, patient records, and other critical information. All this information has to be saved on a reliable monitor. Screen extenders for laptops are here to provide you with a trustable system that allows you to view and store any information without any interruption. All these important records will be well-maintained and secured with easy access at any time. 


HISs are very important in providing all the necessary information to patients, management, and overall staff. Therefore, it needs some help to be more efficient in its performance. For this reason, a screen extender for laptops is here to make this system much more convenient and accessible to the staff. Now, they won’t waste time switching the tabs again and again; instead, they can view multiple information and records at the same time.  

We hope that this article will help you to understand the importance of laptop screen extenders in hospital information systems and you will consider investing in them in the future.