Must-Have Devices and Gadgets for Smart Homes in 2020

Smart Homes

While the term “smart homes” once sounded like a far-fetched futuristic idea, today it has become commonplace and relatively easy to achieve thanks to the sheer volume of gadgets available. A smart home is one that offers a whole host of high-tech features and functionality meant to make your life easier and more streamlined. They also provide entertainment, comfort, security, and can even help with energy efficiency.

So, what are the must-have devices and gadgets for smart homes  those looking to create or enhance their experience in 2020? Here’s a list of the top smart devices.

Google Nest Hub

One of the best ways to create a smart home is to get yourself a smart home assistant. The popular Google Nest Hub is a great option for 2020 and can be used in combination with Google’s other home assistant products such as the Google Nest Mini. The Nest Hub takes all the features of its original Google Home speaker line and then combines it with a sleek and high-tech screen interface so that you’re also getting a visual experience. 

You can speak your commands to the hub, hear and then view things on the screen, and connect to various devices in your home that are compatible with the device.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Then there is Amazon’s version of a smart home assistant, the Amazon Echo Show 8, which is compatible with Amazon products among other things. Where this device really shines is in its interface and screen. Everything is sharp and sleek, giving you a truly high-tech smart home experience.

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Smart Plugs

If you want that true smart home experience, then smart plugs are a must-have. You’ll want to pick up a number of these handy little items so you can place them all through the house. Simply plug this device into the wall, and then plug an item into it such as your TV or phone and you can then control it through your tablet or phone.

It allows for wireless control without a hub or subscription. Smart devices like the Linksys Mini Smart Plug are a great example and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest Thermostat.

Nest Thermostat

Speaking of the thermostat, the Nest Thermostat is another incredible smart home device to invest in. Not only can you control this device remotely from any location through your tablet or smartphone, but it can help you to create a more energy-efficient home. 

Perhaps you forgot to turn the heat down and you’ve now left on vacation – well you can adjust it from your smart device. Then again, maybe you’re at the office and you want the house to be nicely air-conditioned when you get home, use your app to make the adjustment.

The Ultimate Smart Home

These devices are just a couple of the many different options you’ve got available in 2020 and each one will add to the efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment of your home. Once you start down the path of creating a smart home, you’ll discover just how incredible it is.