An Imperative Guide to Everything About Keyword Stuffing

An Imperative Guide to Everything about Keyword Stuffing

There’s an intuitive yet misguided logic that still continues for marketers to astray while attempting at optimizing website content for SEO ranking. As search engines are developed to accept some keywords as inputs that show the most relevant search results, you might ask yourself why not cram these keywords into content as much as possible. You might think that overusing these keywords would boost your overall website traffic.  But your decision of excessive use of keywords might not turn out as right as rain! So, whether or not keyword stuffing works for a short span of time, it is dangerous for your website in the long run. Excessive use of keywords can be a lot more harmful than good.

The Cons of Over-Optimizing or Excess Use of Keywords

Keyword stuffing is a practice of SEO shoving which has long been one of the banes of the SEO white hats. Excess use of keywords tends to have a short-term positive effect. But as discussed earlier in the guide, it’s of no use for future website growth. And if the search engine sees that you have practiced overusing keywords in contents, it would just end up penalizing your site. Not only it can have a chance of your page to demote the ranking, but your page can also get removed from the search results. We have jotted three major disadvantages of over-optimizing your website content below. To know further on this front, keep reading on.

You might run the risk of the boring readers

An Imperative Guide to Everything about Keyword Stuffing

Putting more emphasis on keywords instead of the real substance of the content might end you up going far. This is due to the fact that it can even take the readers to boredom! You should always try and writing what readers would want from you! Your readers are the ultimate consumers of the content you write! You have to make sure to make the best use of effective strategies to engage your readers and draw their attention to your content with appropriate information. While keywords always play an integral role in the content’s visibility, keyword stuffing can only leave you with utter disappointment from the search engines. It depends on how many words you’re writing! For example, if you’re writing 900-words content, you should never use a keyword more than five to six times!

  • Leads to Spamming
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Focusing on keyword density has already been becoming an outdated approach in recent days. Since search engines have been getting a high tech over time, they can now detect the keywords without a sheer mention about them various times. Hence, it is important for you to choose the most effective keywords and use them wisely. Keyword stuffing would only mean that you are exposing your content! And that’s what search engines promptly declare your content as spam! While writing contents, you should never forget about keyword density and that you have to focus on specific information, quality, and relevance. Following these would just surprise you with the favor that search engines would offer to your contents!

  • Keyword data don’t really inform you about the keywords that readers are using

Surveying about keywords is undoubtedly a great way to boost your content! It would not only help you pick up the most popular ones but it would also focus on the key phrases hat majority of individuals type while searching for a particular product or service. However, the data that you pick up should always be historical. Keeping this in mind, you can use the keywords and write the content appropriately. Additionally, you also need to make the best use of the analytic mind within you! Always keep in mind what readers want from the content. This will result in determining the most appropriate keywords!

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

An Imperative Guide to Everything about Keyword Stuffing

Finding the right keywords is the first thing to keep in mind. While we’ve already discussed it aforementioned, here go other important things to consider while avoiding keyword stuffing.

  • Avoid Writing Incorrect Phrases
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In the eagerness to include keywords with keyword ranking, you might end up using incorrect phrases or sentences in your content. For instance, if you are writing about a car, you need to add ‘a’ before the car in order to make the sentence grammatically correct!  Even when you keep keyword density at a good level, the use of incorrect phrases can only make things worse!

  • Increasing the Word Count

The best way to avoid keyword stuffing is by increasing your word count of the content. In case you write 900-words content instead of writing 500 words, you can incorporate keywords in an extra 400 words too! This way, you would not only avoid forcing keywords to inn every 100 words but also make meaningful content. Similarly, you can also make sure to avoid writing fluff to your contents! You need to make sure to perform the necessary survey right before writing the content! As a matter of fact, you should present your content in such a way that readers get attracted to it!

  • Quality is the Ruler

Quality happens to be the king when it comes to content writing. Regardless of the whatsoever content type you choose writing, it becomes imperative to keep the quality high! This not only boosts your content but also make a great search engine ranking.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about keyword stuffing and how to avoid them effectively, you can create fluent contents with a much more well-knitted flow.