2022 regulations on mileage tax deductions (Updated)

We see that a large number of employers frequently apply the regular mileage rate. Also known as the safe harbor rate, this concept. All workers whose automobiles are often used for work-related purposes will get tax-free reimbursements as a result of this.

The price adjustments for 2022

All of the normal mileage prices for automobiles, vans, pickups, and panel vehicles will be 58.5 cents by 2022. Depending on the amount of miles they drive for work, this will be done. In comparison to 2021, it is up 2.5 cents.

This typically is tied for the highest safe harbor rate that the IRS has ever disclosed. This was a growth that occurred in July 2008, midway through the year. For active-duty military personnel who are relocating for medical treatment or other reasons, there is an increase of 18 cents per mile driven.

The rate for 2021 has increased by 2 cents to reflect this. To serve the people who work for nonprofit organizations, drivers are now paid 14 cents each mile. The current rate has not changed.

The center component of this normal mileage rate has been recognized as depreciation for all of the workers’ vehicles that are typically utilized for business. For the year 2022, this will come to around 26 cents per mile.

Since the year 2021, nothing has changed. Today, the usual mileage to work tax deduction rates for all business, medical, and relocation-related expenses are often based on all types of yearly changes in the costs of running a vehicle. Statutes provide the baseline philanthropic rate.

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Reasons why driving costs are greater

The price of petrol skyrocketed in 2021, as we have all witnessed. The national average has increased by 32% as at this point in time. Between October 2020 and October 2021, the data were collected.

Its maximum levels since 2014 have been attained by this rate. Furthermore, we have seen that the insurer has started to increase its premiums annually at a regular pace. In 2020, this rate had a disruption.

Since 2011, vehicle insurance premium prices have increased by around 24.2%. As of right now, the likelihood of an accident in 2022 will be similar to that of 2019. With the supply chain, there have been interruptions. Computer chip scarcity is to blame for everything.

Depreciation rates have thus remained low as a result. Since the beginning of the epidemic, this number has decreased by 70%. Therefore, it is expected that all of the car residual values in this area will remain at their highest levels ever. Be sure to look into how to track mileage for taxes, whether you’re a freelancer or in the gig economy


When a person uses any Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) allowance plan beginning in 2022–2023, the government will now cover the maximum vehicle expenditures, and you can check this with a 1099 tax calculator. This is intended for all staff members that use automobiles.

Their companies will compensate them for any fixed car expenditures in this case tax-free. Insurance, taxes, and registration costs are just a few examples of what this may contain. You’ll need to distinguish between business vs commuting miles for the car tax write off

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Additionally, there are all other kinds of additional variable vehicle costs present here, like gasoline, tires, regular maintenance, and repairs which FlyFin can help you find.