Could App Development Become Your Hobby Project?

Your Hobby Project

There’s an app for just about anything – whether it be additional convenience in the day to day, entertainment options through different genres, or something more important will apps to pay bills and clear debts. For many though, most apps tend to miss something small which a small quality of life update could bring all the change needed, or with recent app store changes some apps that are completely missing particularly in gaming like these online Poker options which often lean towards dedicated websites rather than apps. It doesn’t need to be all that complicated, however, and app development could become an interesting hobby project too.

Coding languages can be very easy to learn – Whilst there are certainly some coding languages that take years and years to master and fully understand, others can be extremely approachable – two of the most popular coding languages for Android app development are Java and Python, both well known for how easy they are to learn and how intuitive it can be to use them as development languages. They may not be able to fulfil all of the needs for different features, but for a hobby project can get newcomers most of the way there without any prior experience. 

Online tools and templates – As with many hobby projects these days, there are also a huge number of resources easily accessible to help interested parties get started or even speed the process along – prebuilt templates that offer the barebones and just need to be tweaked to adjust features, or tools that have been made to refine any design made to make it more efficient or bug free. Whilst not perfect, they often do the job well enough to make the process a bit more straightforward. 

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Another opportunity for revenue streams – With the way micro-transactions work and the prevalence of ads, those who have been successful launching an indie app have managed to even turn it into a new livelihood. There are more notorious examples, games like ‘Flappy Bird’ reportedly made the developer of the game over $50,000 in just a day of ad revenue, showing just how big earnings can be from something relatively small and very simple. Whilst this won’t be the case for every app developed, even as a hobby if something is made those users want, there can be quite a lucrative revenue stream too. 

It’s a great hobby to get into and something that families can explore too for options with the kids to teach them basic coding languages and app development too, and with apps looking like a clear future for mobile still, lots of opportunity to continue exploring.