Software Engineering is Still a Lucrative Career in Canada 2021

Software Engineering Lucrative Career

Canada is a global leader in technology and innovation, as well as a hub for business opportunities thanks to its progressive multicultural society. As the country’s innovation ecosystem continues to grow to new heights, software engineers’ employment figures remain on the rise. An analysis from job sites Indeed shows Canada is one of the top countries worldwide in terms of job prospects for software engineers and programmers, taking in 2nd place after India. The data was based on jobs advertised on high traffic recruiting websites like Indeed. Statistics projected that software engineers can look forward to increasing salaries year-on-year, with an average salary of $82,933 per year.Question arises is Software Engineering is Still a Lucrative Career in Canada 2021?

What it means to job seekers

At the start of the 2010 decade, only a handful of software development companies focused on the outsourcing business. The number has now risen to hundreds of suppliers offering services to businesses. Coding jobs have become one of the most wanted skillsets in the present competitive job landscape. It is no longer surprising that open source technology and coding sites are growing like wildfire. We are deep in the digital migration age where traditional business models are actively transitioning to the wider digital market and thus the demand for software engineers. Software Engineering is Still a Lucrative Career in Canada 2021.

As we enter a new decade, major industries engaged in merchandising, retailing, and even the blooming gaming industry are actively seeking digital innovations like user-friendly casino apps that can support huge traffics. Open source technology eliminates the need to create and invent things from scratch, thus saving valuable time and resources. With such explosive growth in the market for such services, it has created endless opportunities for everyone.

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So for those looking to start a career as a software engineer, now it’s a strategic time to grab the opportunity. While many young people are worried about some jobs going out of ‘fashion ‘ owing to the current technology advancement, this career is here to stay. Owing to the current dependence on mobile technology, biotech startups, and reverence for emerging technologies, every company will need to hire a software engineer.

The future of software engineering jobs

Like I’ve mentioned above, the pandemic has set a new trend – every business has to be in the digital space. Think about it – many countries have been on lockdown last year, which means remote work, internet marketing, and digital collaborations are the future. Moreover, there are numerous coding boot camps around popular Canadian cities like Vancouver to prepare the locals for whatever future technology may lead the world towards.

Software engineering is no longer an obscure industry. Every business has at least one software engineering team — some even have departments dedicated to the craft. A decade ago, that wasn’t the case — software development was just a small department in every company. Now companies have to keep up with the times and support their IT infrastructure to gain an edge over their competition. The demand for software engineers is constantly growing in Canada, and this year, every business will be looking for software engineer talent.

What does a software engineer do?

If you are a business owner, you have probably asked this question at least once in your life. Asking this question is normal because you may want to hire a software engineer. After all, software engineering is a highly technical field that is still new to many people. It is completely reasonable that someone unfamiliar with software engineering might be curious about the industry as well as the roles that exist within it.

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Programming languages and core engineering principles are the main tools used to create software products specific to a client’s needs, such as network control frameworks, operating systems, middleware, computer games, and various apps. To qualify as a software engineer, you’re required to have a computer science degree or certification to prove you have the right coding skills. Apart from the technical aspects of the job, a software engineer must possess soft skills such as teamwork, effective communication skills, and an eye for detail to succeed in the modern workspace.

How to Become a software engineer

How do I get started as a software engineer…” Awesome Question. For a precise answer, I would say that you have to develop your skills in coding and computer programming. You can enroll for a computer science degree at most universities and get to graduate within four years. Alternatively, you can learn this skill from home and still succeed. There are numerous programs online with certifications that will take your career to the next level. Programs such as stack developer, tech academy, and Codecademy are the best recommendation for beginners.