Cancer Fighting Prowess Of Steam Showers

Ozone steam saunas are used as a cancer treatment in some cases. It has long been proven that most microbes cannot thrive in an environment with lots of oxygen. 

Alongside this, it has also been found out that cancer cells are also anaerobic meaning that they thrive in oxygen-free environments. Basically, as long as the blood stream has lots of oxygen, the amount of cancer cells in the body will decrease. 

Additionally, free radicals in the body benefit from having activated oxygen in the body because these turn into cleansing agents that help sweep other microorganisms in the body. 

Despite steam sauna therapy being relatively new, people are already convinced that it has the capability to stop or slow down the growth of cancer cells provided the person uses it religiously.   

The benefits of activated oxygen or ozone therapy from steam saunas are based on the naturally occurring ozone in the environment. This ozone purifies the air and renders bacteria and pathogens useless by destroying organic decay. How is this related to steam? Well, ozone is simply oxygen that is produced by plants during photosynthesis. 

When oxygen particles in the atmosphere mix with the sun’s rays, an added oxygen molecule hooks up with the O2 particle turning it into O3 or activated oxygen, more commonly known as ozone. Since ozone is not naturally occurring, it is unstable and wants to combine quickly with other atoms to let go of that attached oxygen molecule. When it does this, that other atom is purified and oxidized. The ozone then becomes a regular oxygen atom once more.   

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Ozone is an oxidant and as mentioned earlier, is capable of cleansing and purifying. Due to this, ozone therapy has been studied immensely for decades. Ozone steam saunas are pretty much the same as regular ones except that they have an additional ozone generator alongside the steam generator. However, the head remains in an open space so that it can take in more oxygen than ozone. This is because too much inhalation of ozone is also harmful to the body.   

The steam and ozone generator should be running for around 30 minutes. Afterwards, it should only be the steam generator that remains running. With a decent amount of steam in the chamber, the detoxification process is improved due to the opening of pores. This enables the body to excrete toxins and absorb ozone better.   

There needs to be long-term regular use of ozone steam sauna therapy for it to become effective. Occasional use is also fine but it will not be able to totally eradicate the problem but rather act as a form of maintenance. Also, there needs to be alternative treatment of cancer as well. Steam saunas should be used in conjunction with these and should not serve as a replacement.   

With prolonged use, the body becomes free from toxic waste and also detoxifies much more efficient than before. With a decrease in the amount of toxins in the body, a huge burden is removed from the lymphatic and immune systems. These systems are crucial in fighting cancer and should be allocated to fighting them alone. As such, using steam saunas helps cleanse the body leaving our systems enough resources to combat cancer cells.