Is There Any Relevance Between Marijuana Consumption and Weight Loss?

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Getting the munchies after smoking weed is a story as old as time. You might have experienced it yourself, but is it true?

Research has provided some evidence that smoking weed does affect the mechanisms in our brain that correlate to hunger receptors. Marijuana consumption makes us feel famished, but does it make you skinny?

The public perception of weed is that those individuals who smoke it often haves health problems. There is no evidence to suggest that it is true, but there is evidence of a correlation between weight loss and marijuana consumption.

There have been hundreds of studies on both sides of the spectrum, and answering this question could lead to a wholly different use for the drug. Misconceptions are rampant when it comes to weed.

Let’s dive into the facts.

Research Says Yes

Scientists have discovered that potheads have smaller waists than non-smokers. The fact of the matter is people who smoke weed often are less likely to become overweight than those who don’t.

A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology brought in more than 30,000 participants that put on weight during a three-year study. But, those individuals who smoked weed gained the least of the group.

Their Body Mass Index made this determination, but this wasn’t the only test done. These individuals were also said to have high levels of HDL in their bodies.

In 2011, the American Journal of Epidemiology tried its hand at its own experiment. Through this, they concluded that regardless that smoking weed increases appetite, those that used cannabis not only had smaller waists but lower cholesterol levels.

The only adverse result from tests noted an insulin resistance reduction of 17 percent. This might be significant, but those individuals tested that didn’t smoke as often also experienced almost the same results as the everyday smoker.

Science Behind It

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) might be the compound to thank when it comes to a lack of weight gain. Although it’s responsible for increased appetite, this might not link to obesity.

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THC is what makes an individual “high,” but it’s now linked to a drop in obesity. Considering this, an experiment at the University of Calgary was conducted to find out its effects on obese mice.

The mice at regular weight didn’t have much of an effect as far as size, but the obese mice lost weight. THC brings changes to the gut microbiome and regulates weight loss and digestion.

When it comes down to it, potheads love food, but smoking weed usually preoccupies any attempt at making food. It is 2020, and ordering food has never been easier, but we won’t see many potheads headed to the kitchen.

Difference in Strains

Some researchers have linked specific strains to the lack of weight gain, answering the question, “does smoking weed make you skinny?”

Strains higher in THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, act as an appetite suppressant. Unlike its counterpart THC, THCV might be a good alternative for consumers focused on weight loss.

The strain is found in African sativas, particularly landrace strains located in Africa, Durban, and Poison. To name a few, Doug’s Varin, Pineapple Purps, Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, and Willie Nelson are some of the more popular high THCV strains.

THVC is also known to help with diabetes, reduction of panic attacks, Alzheimer’s, and stimulation of bone growth.

Motivation to Workout

Smoking weed can actually motivate your drive for workouts.

Yet another study, this time in the Journal Frontiers in Public Health, found that consumption of cannabis might create motivation to exercise and, in turn improve the quality of a workout.

At the University of Colorado, 600 cannabis users showed improved athletic activity. In turn, this results in weight loss.

Of those participants, 500 endorsed the use of weed before their workout. Whether it was an hour beforehand or four hours after, workout improvements occurred. Those individuals who smoked weed worked out 43 minutes longer, and when doing aerobic exercises did so 30 minutes longer as well.

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In conclusion, 70 percent of those participants agreed that cannabis makes workouts more enjoyable. By conducting this experiment, researchers learned that smoking weed could lead to gym motivation and as a post-workout pain and soreness relief.

Stay Healthy Smoking Weed

There have been plenty of arguments on the positives and negatives of smoking weed every day. Maintaining perfect health while smoking isn’t tricky, but it does take some conscious effort.

First things first, make sure you’re buying the right weed. Less than ideal or improperly cured weed won’t help your health. You’ll also need to watch the amount of edibles and sweets that go hand in hand with each other. Although they taste good, high levels of THC shouldn’t go into your body repeatedly.

Like most people looking to stay healthy, trips to the gym and a healthy diet should be a priority if you’re smoking every day. Some days you end up being a couch potato and binge that Netflix series you’ve meant to. And that’s fine.

States with legalized marijuana are the healthiest in the nation.

Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, California, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Utah, Colorado, Washington, New York, Montana, and Nebraska are all ranked as the highest fitness level states. Of those top states, only Utah and Nebraska haven’t passed the legalization of marijuana either recreationally or medically.

At the end of the day, it’s simple, maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, and smoking weed won’t bring adverse side effects.

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