Astropay Deposits At Online Casinos – Pros And Cons

If you like playing online casinos, you must have wondered if there is a way to make a deposit without using an international bank card. The answer is yes. AstroPay is just one way to make a deposit without using a bank card.

What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is an international payment system, launched in 2009, based in the UK and originally used in China, South America and India. Now this payment system is used all over the world. AstroPay has more than 5 million users. AstroPay is a prepaid card, to which funds can be deposited, with which you can later make payments on numerous websites, as well as casinos. Since this is a prepaid card, it does not require a lot of data, which is required for a bank card.

How does AstroPay work?

In order to create an account, you only need a few steps. First, open the AstroPay site, after which select the signup option. Then you will enter your phone number, to which you will receive a verification code. You will then enter that code in the next step. After that, you need to enter a code, which only you will know and which will be strong enough. After that, you need to enter personal data, such as first and last name, date of birth, email and proof of identity (identity card, passport or driver’s license number). After that, an email will arrive at your email address, with a link to confirm the account, after which your AstroPay account is available. After that, you need to deposit money into your AstroPay account. You can make the payment via Visa and Mastercard, but also via e-wallet. After that, you can make a deposit payment via AstroPay.

After that, find a casino that supports this payment method and enjoy.

What are the best AstroPay casinos in India?

If you have not used an online casino before, you will surely have a problem deciding which casino to play in the first few times, until you try several of them and see which one is the best. Of course, when you play for the first time, you can’t know which is the best AstroPay casino in India, so below, to help you out, we will list some of the best casinos in India that provide this deposit facility.

  • Slottica – one of the best online casinos in India, supports the possibility of depositing funds using the AstroPay method. It guarantees quick payment/withdrawal, and upon first registration you will receive 300 free spins.
  • Axe casino – a casino with large welcome bonuses and a large selection of games, where you can also make deposits using the AstroPay method. Upon first registration, the user receives 450 free spins.
  • Jackpot guru – very safe and reliable casino, which supports AstroPay payment option. Big welcome bonuses await you.
  • BONS – generous welcome bonuses await you, along with 200 free spins. You can make your payment via AstroPay.
  • PariMatch – one of the most popular choices of players in India, a completely safe and reliable casino, which also provides the flexibility of AstroPay.
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How to use AstroPay?

Paying funds through AstroPay is so simplified that even the first time you won’t find it complicated or unclear how to use it. When you decide on one of the casinos, which offers the possibility of depositing via AstroPay, all you need to do is to find the option for depositing funds on the casino’s website. You should then select AstroPay as the payment method you wish to use. After that, you need to enter the information related to your card and the amount you want to pay, and your funds will be available to you immediately.

As AstroPay is a prepaid card, it is mainly used for the payment of funds, so there is no possibility to pay money directly through the AstroPay card. Of course, this does not mean that your money will remain trapped in the casino. Your AstroPay card can be linked to your bank card and money can be transferred from your AstroPay prepaid card to your bank card. Also, there is an option to transfer your funds to your e-wallet, such as Skrill.

Is AstroPay safe?

When you decide to make a payment online, you must ask yourself if it is safe and if it is possible that someone will cheat you. The same questions apply to AstroPay. But AstroPay is a very reliable and secure payment system, and now you will see why. When you create your prepaid card, all the data you enter is completely protected and cannot come into the possession of a third party. AstroPay uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) system, which means that your data is not stored anywhere. There is no central database or something similar where all users’ data is stored. Unlike bank cards, where every transaction is recorded, this is not the case here. Every time you make a payment, you receive an SMS message with the payment information, which further reduces the possibility of fraud. Finally, AstroPay uses an SSL encryption system (secure sockets layer), which makes all data unreadable when sent between two parties.

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The Pros and Cons of AstroPay

When we summarize all of the above, as well as user feedback, we can state some basic advantages, but also some basic disadvantages.


Very reliable and secure payment system;

Very fast payment system;

There is no payment fee;

Minimal or no withdrawal fees;

Payment data is not stored;

There is an app for both Android and IOS

The possibility of connecting with an e-wallet;

An increasing number of casinos use this payment method.


Funds cannot be withdrawn directly via AstroPay;

Poor customer support;

Not many currencies are supported yet.

We hope this information has cleared up any doubts you may have had regarding AstroPay. If you are still not 100% sure, it would be best to talk to someone who already uses this payment method and get first-hand information.