9 Fathers Day Gifts for Mechanic Dads

Fathers Day Gifts for Mechanic Dads

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s day gift for mechanic dads, then you have come to the right place!

We’ve collected all the greatest mechanic gift ideas from around the web to put a smile on his face for the big day. 

Below stated are 9 Fathers Day Gifts for Mechanic Dads

#1 Funny Mechanic Hourly Rate T-shirt 

This hilarious t-shirt is the perfect option for jokey mechanic dads! It’s available in a huge range of sizes and 8 different colors so it feels like a personalized gift. Additionally, it’s super-soft and made from 100% ringspun cotton for his comfort. 

#2 The Tool Box Grill

What’s better than gifting him a toolbox? Gifting him a toolbox that’s actually a grill! This incredible, portable barbecue makes it possible to have an impromptu cookout in practically any outdoor space. It’s also made from lightweight stainless steel making it ideal for traveling and camping trips!

#3 Mechanic Dad Coffee Tumbler 

All those early mornings and late nights working in the garage mean your father needs plenty of fuel in the form of good old fashioned caffeine. Make sure he has access to a nice big serving at all times with the ‘Dad Fuel’, stainless steel tumbler. It holds a generous 30 fluid ounce serving and has a lid to keep it warmer for longer. 

#4 Custom Dads Car Garage Sign 

This sweet garage sign can be proudly displayed outside or inside your father’s garage. It’s available in three different sizes plus it’s ‘open 24 hours’ text, is sure to make him chuckle! When we talk about signs, why not got with the ultimate sign which is the US flag. The American flag gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and you should go with this sign if your dad is a patriot

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#5 Mechanics Tire Coffee Mug

This stacked tire coffee mug is perfect for mechanic dads who adore their morning coffee. It also has a comical yet sleek design that’ll go great in his workspace.

#6 Artori Design Silicone Car Mat Drink Coasters

Looking for accessories to pair with his new mug? Choose these amazing car mat coasters! Once again they have that novelty design that makes the fitting gift for mechanics yet with a sleek, quality finish.

#7 Magnetic Tool Wristbands

Fathers day gifts for mechanics really don’t get handier than this! He’ll totally appreciate how much easier these magnetic wristbands make his daily tasks. You can also choose his preferred color from a blue, red or black band.

#8 Tire Snack Bowl With Hubcap Lid

We’re officially obsessed with this novelty tire bowl gift. Gift it to your father along with his favorite candy to guarantee a happy Father’s Day! It even has a hub cap lid to ensure the treats stay fresh.

#9 Custom Portrait from your Photo as Cartoon Character – Mechanic Gift

Simply send the artist an image of your father in his element (and overalls!) and you’ll receive a digital artwork of him as a cartoon. You can then print this for a frame or even have it printed on to an item of clothing!