7 Effective Instagram Tips for Businesses

instagram tips

Did you know that Instagram has more than one billion monthly users? The social media platform is the go-to place for over 500 million people to share photos, videos, and stories each and every day.

The number of people that use Instagram make it a platform that you shouldn’t ignore in your business. Instagram marketing needs to be high on your agenda.

But if you’re new to using Instagram, how do you go about getting the most out of it?

In this article, we’ll share seven Instagram tips for your business and teach you how to use Instagram effectively.

1. Optimize Your Profile

The first thing you’ll need to do is to optimize your profile. You can do this by filling in every detail of your bio.

Make sure you’re using Instagram for businesses before you start. Then, write a short description about what your business does. Remember to include a link to your website in your bio.

2. Use Instagram Stories Often

Instagram story highlights are a great way of engaging with your followers on a daily basis. These can be used for small snippets of video or photos. Many people will check stories regularly, so keep your stories updated often and ensure there is always plenty of new content.

3. Use Niche Hashtags

Instagram uses hashtags to help catalogue posts. You can use up to thirty hashtags on one post, however, you may want to avoid using generic hashtags that have millions of posts and try to target more niche hashtags. This will bring you a more refined audience that are there for your content.

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4. Upload Professional Looking Photos

The quality of your photos on Instagram needs to be exceptional. Spend some time editing and cropping your images so they look as good as they possibly can.

A bad photo will stand out like a sore thumb in your followers feed.

5. Do a Behind the Scenes Special

Why not do a behind the scenes special? Show your customers and followers what really goes on in your business. Your Instagram followers will feel as though they’ve been let into a special club by sharing this content with them.

6. Post Consistently

Try to keep to a regular schedule of posts. Many businesses will try to post one item to their feed each day at least. You should use your stories more frequently than this, posting several times in one day.

7. Find Your Aesthetic

Finally, spend some time developing your visual flair on the platform. Instagram is all about great imagery. If you want to get the followers and convert them into customers, you need to be creating content that really stands out.

Effective Instagram Tips for Your Business

These Instagram tips should help you get started creating consistent and aesthetically beautiful posts. Remember to use all of the features of the app such as stories and use hashtags in a smart way.

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