7 Best Practices For Using URL Shorteners for SMS Campaigns

With the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, concise communication is paramount and SMS campaigns have emerged as a potent tool for engaging audiences. Within this context, the use of URL shorteners holds a pivotal role, enabling marketers to efficiently share links while conserving precious character space.  

To maximize the effectiveness of SMS campaigns and ensure seamless user experiences, deploying custom shortened links is crucial. This article delves into the seven best practices that illuminate the path toward harnessing URL shorteners for SMS campaigns with finesse and efficacy. 

Best Practices For Using URL Shorteners for SMS Campaigns 

As discussed earlier, brevity and engagement are paramount to SMS campaigns and links in text messages have proven to be a potent tool for reaching audiences directly. To harness the power of short links for SMS campaigns, here are seven best practices to consider: 

Choose a Reliable URL Shortening Service 

Select a reputable and reliable URL-shortening service to ensure the longevity and accessibility of your links. BSG’s SMS testing tool offers not only send SMS link but also robust features and analytics that help track link performance and engagement.  

Customize Shortened Links 

Whenever possible, customize your text message links to reflect your brand or campaign. This not only enhances brand recognition but also increases the likelihood of recipients clicking on the link. For instance, Starbucks customized a URL for their limited-time drink promotion: sbux.co/summerblends, which conveyed the essence of the campaign while saving character space. 

Utilize Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs) 

Craft compelling CTAs that guide recipients on what to expect when clicking the SMS URL link. A concise and action-oriented CTA can drive higher click-through rates. By aligning the CTA with the overall messaging and goals of the campaign, you can create a seamless experience for the recipient that encourages interaction and engagement. 

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages 

Ensure that the destination landing page is optimized for mobile devices. A seamless user experience is pivotal in retaining the interest of your customers after they’ve clicked the shortened SMS hyperlink. 

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Monitor and Analyze Link Performance: 

Regularly monitor link performance through analytics provided by the URL shortening service. This data offers insights into click-through rates, geographic distribution, and peak activity times. For instance, a clothing retailer could use these analytics to determine the effectiveness of a limited-time sale promotion among different demographics. 

Segment and Personalize Campaigns 

Tailor SMS campaigns based on recipient demographics and preferences. Send personalized shortened URLs directly to recipients that resonate with their interests. By implementing segmentation and personalization strategies, you can create more targeted and relevant content that speaks directly to the individual needs and desires of each recipient, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. 

Incorporate URL Previews When Possible 

Some SMS platforms display URL previews alongside the message, which may allow you to retain the full-length link without sacrificing character count. Facebook Messenger does this effectively, offering a preview of shared links within the chat, reducing the need for URL shorteners in some cases. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Shortened URLs in Messages 

Shortened URLs have become indispensable tools for condensing lengthy links, making them ideal for sharing messages and marketing campaigns. However, their effectiveness hinges on proper implementation to avoid potential pitfalls. Here are key mistakes to steer clear of when utilizing shortened URLs: 

Omitting Descriptive CTAs  

Failing to provide a clear Call to Action (CTA) alongside the shortened link can confuse recipients and diminish click-through rates. For instance, a generic link like “bit.ly/123xyz” without context may deter engagement compared to “Explore our summer collection at bit.ly/SummerStyles.” 

Neglecting Link Customization 

Overlooking the opportunity to customize shortened links misses a chance to enhance brand recognition and user trust. Compare “ow.ly/dF76” to “yourbrand.com/NewArrivals” – the latter is more enticing and instills confidence. 

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Ignoring Mobile Compatibility 

Sharing non-mobile-optimized landing pages can frustrate users and undermine the purpose of shortened URLs. A poorly formatted page can drive visitors away, impacting conversion rates.  

Skipping Link Tracking 

Neglecting link analytics robs marketers of valuable insights. Tracking click-through rates, geographical engagement, and peak activity periods allows adjustments for optimal performance. 

Disregarding Link Longevity 

Opt for a reliable URL shortening service to prevent link expiration. Relying on shorteners that deactivate links after a certain period or change their structure can lead to ‘404 not found’ errors. 

Falling into Spam Traps 

Overusing or misusing shortened URLs can trigger spam filters, causing your messages to be flagged or discarded. Maintain a healthy balance between shortened and full-length links to ensure deliverability. 

Excessive Use of Social Media Bios 

While primarily addressing messages, shortened URLs are often used in social media bios. However, relying solely on these links can appear unprofessional and lead to skepticism.  

While shortened URLs offer expedient ways to share links, careful execution is essential to maximize their impact. By steering clear of these mistakes and embracing best practices, marketers can effectively leverage shortened URLs to enhance engagement, foster trust, and drive successful campaigns. 

Final Thoughts 

The strategic implementation of URL shorteners within SMS campaigns can significantly amplify their impact. By adhering to these best practices, you can streamline communication, enhance user experience, and drive higher engagement for your brand. As technology continues to evolve, mastering the art of URL shortener utilization remains a vital component of a successful SMS marketing strategy. 

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