5 Helpful Tips of Choosing a Beer Faucet for Your Beer Dispensing System

Beer tap faucets are an integral part of every draft beer system. They protect from leaks and make the dispensing process faster.

After reading our article, you will understand how beer tap faucets work and will be able to choose the model that suits your needs.

1. How does this equipment work?

The beer faucet is equipped with a tap handle, which you press to dispense beer. At the moment of pressing the handle, the pressure in the gas cylinder pushes the beverage out of the keg through the beer lines and further into the beer tower.

2. What is the best material for a beer faucet?

The best option is to buy stainless steel or chrome brass products.

There are also plastic models. But let’s be honest, they’re unlikely to last as long as steel or brass, and they look less aesthetic.

3. What model of faucet is most often installed in bars and restaurants?

The most common option is a rear sealing beer faucet. It can be found in almost any bar or restaurant.

In addition, you can choose a self-closing design, which automatically stops working immediately after dispensing; a model with a front seal; a product with the function of adjusting the rate of dispensing; faucets designed for ale and stout dispensing. The latter type can also be used for common varieties by removing the restrictive disk.

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If you want to reduce the amount of foam in the glass, choose European faucets with a long thin spout: this design allows you to pour as much beer and as little foam as possible.

4. How many faucets can there be on one beer tower?

It depends on your needs. You can place both one and several cranes (up to 16 pieces) on the beer dispenser.

5. Where can I order quality beer tap faucets?

Most modern brewers rely on the popular Beverage Craft company https://www.beveragecraft.com/. The brand specializes in everything related to beer and offers you products of the highest quality.

On the Beverage Craft website, you will find an excellent assortment of different models (standard, for ales and stouts, with different types of sealant, European, etc.). 

The company’s consultants will be happy to help you find a suitable option, so the process of beer dispensing will be even more spectacular, convenient and controlled.