12 Gifts for Your Friend Who Loves Poker


Playing poker is not merely a hobby: for many, it is a lifestyle, an approach to life. If your friend is an avid poker player, then you can see this first-hand. So, why not show your friend that you really know them and their habits by buying them some poker-themed presents?

If you had the same thought, but you are stumped with what to gift, then we have a solution for you. Below you will find a list with some ingenious poker-oriented gifts to amaze your friend and warm their heart.

Creative Card Decks

The first present that comes to mind is card decks. This one is easy to find, get, and gift. There are numerous card decks available on the internet.

There are funny ones with wonky drawings, luxury ones that come in fancy wood boxes, retro ones with art from Windows 95, and many-many others. Just pick something that will suit your friend’s character, and you will be set.

Wood Hand-Painted Coasters

You simply can’t finish an evening of poker without drinking anything during the session. So, there is only one option – using coasters. However, so many coasters have such incredibly boring designs, and what is worse, they are made out of dirt-cheap plastic.

So, why not improve the playing experience for your friend by gifting him wood-burned coasters? They have card suits painted on them: this will only add to the poker-playing mood.

Portable Poker Tabletop

Does your friend have all the time in the world to play poker with friends but no place to actually do it? There is an easy solution – a portable poker tabletop. Games on the go and rotating poker nights become a reality with this gift.

If your friend has ever mentioned that they are tired of people always coming to them to play poker, then this portable poker table is the perfect present for them. This gift will lighten your friend’s load of constantly having to host poker games. In this case, your friend will be relieved to receive such a present.

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Ace of Spades Tie Clip

Is your friend a frequent visitor of casinos and someone who loves to suit up? Enhance his look even more by gifting him this tasteful piece of bling. This tie clip will complete his look and make him an absolute ladykiller.

This sweet little gift will put a smile on your friend’s face. Plus, it will make him look incredibly stunning, so it’s a win-win if you are his lady partner.

Cigar Humidor

Humidors are cigar boxes that control and maintain the optimal humidity levels for tobacco. These small boxes are a lifesaver when it comes to retaining the original taste and quality of cigars.

If your friend loves to smoke while they gamble (and the chances are high because poker and cigars go hand in hand just like butter and bread do), the humidor is a viable option for a present.

Additionally, many companies that manufacture humidors offer personalized units. You can put any sentimental engraving on the humidor to make it the best gift ever.

Poker Chips

Playing with money instead of chips is not very kosher. If your friend loves to host poker evenings, but they don’t have all the necessary things for a complete poker experience, then seriously consider gifting poker chips.

There are many types of poker chips, which means you should do your research before purchasing anything. It’s worth going the extra mile to ensure that you will not buy low-quality chips, which your friend will never use. GiftWits offers the best poker chips sets, as well as a guide on all the various poker chips.

Queen of Hearts Necklace

Is your poker-playing enthusiast more than a friend? Maybe they are your lady friend? If this is the case, then getting her a less practical present is a much better idea, as seen on CNN. You can gift your special someone a gorgeous necklace to express her lifestyle.

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This necklace will make your beloved look dashing, and, as a result, stun and disorient her opponents. Some might even consider this an unfair advantage.

Poker-Themed Socks

According to NBC New York, poker-themed socks are another easy gift option for your friend. It is a simple present that will keep your friend warm throughout cold poker nights. These socks are the item to give your friend for that extra boost in luck and confidence that they might need during an intense game.

Casino Money Clip

How can your friend rub the opponents’ noses in their losses? By putting the money won into an incredibly stylish, poker-themed money clip. As with the cigar humidors, you can put an engraving on the money clip. The clip will incentivize your friend to win just to show off how awesome it is.

“I Don’t Even Fold Laundry” T-Shirt

If your friend is the type of person to be sassy and joke around their hobby, then this comical T-shirt will definitely suit their personality. All you have to do is get the size right. With this T-shirt, the opponents of your friend will mistake them for a newbie, which will make your friend even richer.

Machine Card Shuffler

Is your friend an absolute poker fanatic? Do they host poker evenings each and every day, and they have no intention of stopping anytime soon? Well, then the chances are that your friend has almost all possible poker paraphernalia, which leaves you in a tough spot when it comes to picking a great present.

However, not everything is lost because your friend definitely does not have an electronic card shuffler. This little gadget will complete the poker setup of your friend. With the card shufflers, there will be no more tiring card shuffling and accusations of foul play.

Dogs Playing Poker

Last but not least, the ace among poker-themed gifts. Dogs Playing Poker is a real art deco classic: it needs no introduction and no explanation. Your friend will love and treasure this piece by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

We hope that you were inspired by at least one of our picks and found something for your poker-playing friend. Make sure to take your time and consider your friend’s preferences. Once that is done, you’ll be sure to land on a poker-themed present that they will like.