Kitchen Storage Tips: How to Consider to the Detail

small kitchen

Let’s assume you are one of those who like to consider everything to the smallest detail. Then, a tiny kitchen might be difficult for you to keep up. Things can get disarranged easily, and you just don’t have the comfort of moving around. This can make your cooking experience quite irksome if not deadening.

We believe a kitchen is a sacred place that should bring you fulfillment even before you place that sumptuous meal in your dinnerware sets. We bring you some of the best small kitchen renovation as well as storage ideas that will completely transform and renovate your messy cluttered-office-like kitchen into a one of a kind room in your entire house.

Getting Started on Kitchen Storage Ideas

You may have had this wish and desire for the longest time and probably even checked out multiple kitchen storage ideas, but you just never got down to it. Getting started, as always, is the hardest part of a challenge.

First, you need to consider what kind of budget you are willing to set aside. Remember, it doesn’t have to be too much with these kitchen storage ideas. You can always incorporate them with time, depending on the amount of space or the goal you desire to achieve. Even though it doesn’t have to be a one-time affair, it is always good to work under a budget rather than get started and stuck midway.

Once this is out of the way and you have established the time you would like to start it off, you can now consider incorporating these fancy kitchen storage hacks.

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Kitchen Shelves and Office Supply Organizers

You probably have occupied a lot of floor space with cabinets, chairs, tables, and the likes, thinking you don’t have any extra space. Have you considered some fancy wall storage ideas that could give your kitchen a different vibe? You don’t have to fill every nook and cranny of your kitchen walls, but you can create space through designing your creative floating shelves, convert the unused office supply organizers to hold light utensils, clothing, and even washers. Try out floating cans, hang baskets, or whatever material you want to use for your DIY kitchen storage. The idea here is to use up less space in the kitchen storage cabinets and make the wall a bit more colorful.

 wall space for best

The Drawer Hacks

You might have kitchen drawers filled with utensils of all kinds. You can come up with a classic pull-out utensil organizer. Still, you can add a wooden surface to the top-most drawer with a rounded hole to act as a chopping board. This also gives you extra space when cooking.

Not only does this make your arrangement unique, but it also will be easier to access different cookware.

Labelling Always Works

Have you ever had such a busy day at work that you almost passed your driveway or even entered your neighbor’s? Don’t be surprised to walk in the kitchen, start cooking, and find yourself pouring sugar instead of salt into your food – yummy, right?

Well, it’s always a good idea to use labels for all the different containers, even the ones that go into the fridge. You won’t regret applying this kitchen storage idea.

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Sleek Pantries and Cabinets

It’s about time you start considering to change some kitchen storage cabinets with Mykitchenadvisor. These could be mounted on the wall or set to be moved on the ground. You can also design your bookshelf nearby to ease up cabinet space and place your kitchen odds and ends. Here, you can have cookbooks, dishes, spices, and other cookware.

space in a simple cabinet

Underground Options

The mission is not to have your kitchen squeezed up but rather free up as much space as possible. Consider creating extra room under the sink where you can place baskets or containers to hold an extra towel or whatever you may want to.

Talking about the sink, did you know you can partition your sink on the inside to hold your wash towel?

Find the Space

Creating spaces inside walls

Do not limit yourself to refurbishing the kitchen on your own. If you have a family, work it out together, or with your friend. Still, two minds will yield better results. Use the fridge space both on top and on the side. Instead of sticking pictures on the refrigerator, which is the commonest thing to do, contemplate having a magnetic stripe or a hanging basket to store extra stuff.


Whether you consider your kitchen to be sizeable or jam-packed, these simple small kitchen ideas could apply to all. Get creative and turn that kitchen into a habitable place. Which kitchen storage furniture ideas have worked for you?