10 Simple Tips for How to Make Your Car Look Cool

Make Your Car Look Cool

95% of American households own a car, but not all cars are created equally. If you want to make your car look good, you’re going to have to do some work.

Are you stuck and don’t have any ideas for enhancing the look of your car? You can add stylish Range Rover side steps to improve it, or keep reading to get some great ideas for making your car look cool.

1. Upgrade Your Wheels

When you want to upgrade your car, a major part of it is how the wheels look. If your wheels are stock wheels — boring. You need to upgrade those wheels to something with a little more cool factor.

Before upgrading your wheels, make sure you know what size you need. If you order wheels online and try to put on the wrong size, that’s going to be a problem.

If you’re thinking about getting used wheels to cut down on costs, make sure you have them looked over. The wheels might have structural problems, which could be road mishaps that you want to avoid.

2. Get Your Car Wrapped

If you don’t want to give your car a whole new paint job, one of the easiest ways to majorly change the look of your car’s exterior is through getting your car wrapped.

Wrapping your car doesn’t have to mean that you wrap the entire car. While wrapping the entire car will make a big difference, it can still be pricey. Instead of wrapping the whole car, you can get a small section wrapped and still make it look pretty cool.

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3. Put in an Awesome Audio Set-Up

Awesome audio set-ups don’t just make your car sound amazing. When you choose the right audio set-up, your car will look super cool because of the displays and colors.

Many people add custom speakers in their car trunks and really bring the base at car shows. If you need some inspiration for adding cool looking audio, then car shows are a great place to go.

4. Tint the Windows

Dark window tint can make your car look super sleek. Before tinting your windows,  make sure you know what your state’s laws are. Some states are very picky about how dark your window tint is, and you could get a ticket for having a tint that is too dark.

5. Get a Good Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheels covers can help you keep your hands from slipping when you’re driving and protect your steering wheel from harmful UV rays. Not only that, but a steering wheel cover will make your car’s interior look cool.

There are a lot of different styles and colors of steering wheel covers, so everyone can find something to fit their tastes.

6. Change Out Your Pedals

No self-loving car enthusiast wants to drive around with stock pedals in their car. Changing out the pedals on your car makes a big difference to the look beneath the steering wheel.

Upgrading your pedals to sport pedals won’t take much money, and the pedals feel good under your feet.

7. Restore Worn Out Looking Tires

If your tire tread is old and worn, then it’s time to change out your tires. In some cases, you haven’t driven your car a lot over a long period of time, the tread is fine, but they look tired.

Aged looking tires can really take away from the overall beauty of the vehicle. There are some easy ways to restore your tires, so this is another low-cost method of making your car look good.

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You can grab some tire gel dye, and it will make your worn tires look like new again.

8. Update Your Headlight Bulbs

If your headlight bulbs or old or broken, not only is this unsafe, but it looks bad. There’s nothing cool about updated or broken headlight bulbs.

Some people love the blue look of halogen bulbs, and others opt for LED bulbs that give off a bright white light.

9. Choose Custom Seat Covers

Seat covers can help keep your seats free from dirt and hair that loves to get stuck in the fibers. Not only are seat covers good for protecting your car, but they also can add personality to your vehicle.

There are so many different types of car seat covers that you can do a quick internet search to find just about any color or pattern you can think of. You can even get people to design custom seat covers that match your car’s upgraded look.

10. Add Ground Effects

While ground effects were originally primarily used for race cars, everyone is getting in on the action. Ground effects are a quick way to upgrade the look of your vehicle.

Most ground effect kits include a front and rear fascia as well as side skirts to complete the look. A footboard like the RBP RBP-216-SP-XD Running Board which has automatic tucking function, will definitely add ground effect and take the appearance and functionality of your car to the next level. Other kits also include things like the rear spoiler, hood scoops, and window louvers.

Even if you don’t plan on taking your car to the track, ground effects can be a great way to make your car look cool. If you do think you want to take it to the track, these kits help to improve aerodynamics.

How to Make Your Car Look Cool – Now You Know

Now you know how to make your car look cool. Use these ideas or use them for inspiration to set yourself up to drive the car of your dreams.

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