10 bucket list ideas to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie 

bucket list ideas to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie 

Whether it’s extreme sports, betting games or impulsive decision-making – you’re an adrenaline junkie at heart. And there’s little left to still your hunger for excitement. Well, maybe this list helps. Try these 20 bucket list ideas and find out whether you’re a true adrenaline junkie and how to satisfy your inner junkie! 

1. Parkour

Do you enjoy watching those videos of thrill seekers jumping and bouncing across the rooftops in Paris? Well maybe skip the rooftop part, but parkour is definitely worth a try when you love action. 

2. Barefoot water-skiing

For every extreme sport there’s an even more extreme variant. The same goes for water-skiing. Because who needs skis? Get yourself behind a speedboat and make those bare feet work.

3. Blobbing

While the name may not sound very extreme, blobbing certainly is suitable for adrenaline junkies. Maybe you’ve already seen a video of blobbing. And if you have, you’d probably wanted to try it yourself. With blobbing, a giant inflatable cushion is placed in the water. One person takes a seat on one end of the cushion while another jumps from a height onto the other end. According to the laws of physics, one is then catapulted off the cushion and into the water. 

4. Freediving

If you’ve already crossed scuba diving from your bucket list, try freediving! It’s diving without oxygen. Talk of a thrill.   

5. Waterfall kayaking

This extreme sport is exactly like the name suggests: you’ll throw yourself off waterfalls while in a kayak. Not for the faint hearted. Currents are fast, heights are steep and the water is cold. Waterfall kayaking requires strong technique so practice before you have a go at it!

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6. Canyoning  

The beauty of canyons is often formed by the small streams that run through and cause erosion. Try cannoning and you’ll experience what these streams must feel like when running through a canyon. Glide through, along, over, under and across rocks to get your rush going. 

7. Sandboarding

Slide from sand dunes on a sandboard and get the feeling of surfing or skateboarding, but sandy. This is a great activity for when you’re visiting a country that’s part desert.  

8. Extreme pogo (XPOGO)

The toy that was most infuriating when you were a kid is now the subject of an extreme sport. With extreme pogo, you perform stunts with a pogo stick. No just jumping but full-on flips. You’ll probably need some practice before mastering this sport. 

9. Ice climbing 

Get to see glaciers up close! Ice climbing is like rock climbing, but on ice; for anyone who’s bored with the average climbing experience. 

10. Wingsuit flying 

You know those animals that have flaps in between their limbs? When they jump all they have to do is spread all fours and expect a nice air glide. Well, you can do this too! While wearing a wingsuit, you’ll be able to fly sans parachute. The material between the legs and arms allows you to float through the air. 

Feed the hunger 

When you’re a true adrenaline junkie, you can’t help but seek thrilling and possibly dangerous activities. But that’s just you, so make the most of it and expand your bucket list with the above extreme sports!