10 Best Tools to Do A Free VIN Check

If you’re in the automobile market to buy a used car, performing a VIN Check is something you should not skip. Through a VIN check, you can obtain valuable information about your potential vehicle, which can actually break or seal your car-buying deal. 

There are several VIN tools to help you access this information. Unfortunately, most of them charge extensively, even for single reports. There are also several free VIN check services, but you need one that offers valuable reports. Here to save your time and effort, we have highlighted the 10 best tools to do a free VIN check:

  1. FreeVINCheck
  2. Mercedes VIN Decoder
  3. VINCheckFree
  4. Chevy VIN Decoder
  5. EpicVIN
  6. Bumper
  7. AutoDNA
  8. ClearVIN
  9. Cebia
  10. carVertical

1. FreeVINCheck

FreeVINCheck offers one of the best VIN check services and has a proven track record of providing high-quality services to its users. It has special reports that enable you to evaluate a vehicle’s condition at a glance, even before checking other specifics.

It is one of the few tools that guarantees trustworthy vehicle data because it has connections and sources its data from authoritative sources, including NHTSA, NMVTIS, insurance companies, scrap yards, manufacturers, and other sources. 

Its extremely easy-to-use VIN check interface enables a fast lookup process. This means you don’t need to be an expert to perform a VIN lookup via this platform. 

By using FreeVINCheck, you get to enjoy several benefits, including zero-cost VIN lookup, instant results (usually within seconds), comprehensive vehicle reports, and authentic and periodically updated data.

2. Mercedes VIN Decoder

The Mercedes VIN Decoder offers one of the best VIN checks to identify your car as an AMG (Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach), a high-caliber of luxury sports car.. To determine whether your car is an AMG, simply visit this platform and enter your 17-digit VIN, after which you will get details of the model to see if it is mentioned as AMG. 

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What makes this tool’s utility exceptional is its extensive database which makes it impossible to find unverifiable information, as with most rogue VIN tools. Additionally, its data sources are occasionally updated to make them more reliable, thanks to its large access to official records.

A free VIN check using the Mercedes VIN Decoder gets you all the basic reports completely for free. And sometimes, what is contained in these reports is substantial enough for most people seeking to check their VINs.

But if you’d like a more comprehensive vehicle report, you can subscribe to its premium service at a negligible cost.  

3. VINCheckFree

VINCheckFree comes with a seamless and easy-to-navigate website for checking the VIN of any vehicle from any USA state. You can easily check the VIN of just any vehicle. It is where you will find nothing but accurate vehicle information reports for free. It is also a credible source that covers nearly every aspect of the information on a vehicle.

For example, it gives clear insights into the specifications of your preferred car( i.e, model, make, engine size, etc). Based on information from the vehicle’s past, one can quickly determine the current worth of their prospective vehicle. And that is because it provides a complete list containing all the accidents (whether minor or significant) the car has ever had, recalls, and precise odometer readings.

4. Chevy VIN Decoder

Every Chevrolet vehicle has a 17-digit code Chevrolet VIN that distinguishes every Chevy manufactured after the 1980s. Now the Chevrolet VIN decoder can decipher, typically all modern Chevy models, including Trax, Trailblazer, Equinox, Tahoe, Spark, Silverado, Colorado, and Suburban.

It can also decode older, sportier, and electrified models, including Chevrolet Equinox, Bolt, Corvette, Blazer, and Chevrolet Camaro. Using this VIN decoding tool, you can learn information about the Chevy car, or double-check the information you already know about it. 

This information practically includes the actual mileage of the car, theft records, the number of previous owners the car has had, whether the vehicle has been in an accident, and whether it was owned by a car rental service or a taxi company.

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What makes this tool undeniably one of the best VIN check tools is that it delivers an in-depth report on your Chevy vehicle – you will get every detail from ownership history to accident records. Also, you will access all these details, including minor ones for free.

5. EpicVIN

EpicVIN supplies most of its vehicle information from NMVTIS – the most trustworthy and pre-eminent U.S. database. Their full car history report lets you view information on all types of restrictions imposed on the vehicle’s registration. 

With their robust database, you can uncover essential information, including owner details, accidents, and salvage records, car specifications, ownership costs, sale listings, market value, and recall warranties.  

This tool can also track down any vehicle using its license plate number.

It can be used by both sellers and buyers when closing transactions for the sale and purchase of used vehicles. As a buyer, you can rely on this tool to significantly reduce the risk of buying a car with registration or lemon problems.

One major drawback is that this tool is primarily a paid service.


Q1: Is Giving Out the VIN Number to a Buyer Safe?

It is actually advisable to give out a VIN to a buyer to allow them to verify the vehicle’s history data. The VIN is unique to each vehicle, but that is it – it isn’t much that any suspicious person can do with a VIN number. It is not the same scenario as giving out your sensitive personal data like your Identification or social security number.

Q2: Where Can I find a Website that Can Run a VIN Check on a 13-Digit Code

While most websites specialize in running a VIN check on 17-digit VINs, you can still find a few options, such as classic car database, Vintage vehicle services, and Hemmings motor news. Sometimes these databases may fail to decode these 13-digit VINs in which case you should contact a DMV officer.


Whether you’re a car buyer or just curious about a vehicle’s history, Free VIN Check can help you obtain the information you need quickly and easily. All you need to do is go to FreeVINCheck.com and enter your car’s VIN in the provided space. When you press search, authentic and updated vehicle data will be available at your fingertips within minutes.