10 Advertising Strategies to Grow your Podcasting in 2023

Advertising Strategies to Grow your Podcasting

Growing a podcast and building a larger audience and listenership can be challenging for many hosts. Perhaps you’ve learned how to create a podcast and read a few motivational zero-to-hero stories from established podcasters, but struggle to achieve the same feat. 

The first thing is to understand that there is more than one podcast strategy. For example, sponsorship through a platform like Podbean Ads marketplace can be a great way to boost your listenership. 

It boosts your chances on public directories and increases the possibility that listeners will love your uploaded podcasts. Learn more about how to choose topics for episodes.

There are several strategies so don’t beat yourself up trying to copy others. You can be creative and try something different if it increases your podcast audience. Check out our top advertising strategies to grow podcasting in 2023.

How to find the best podcast advertising strategy

Podcast promotion is about laying a solid foundation that you improve upon. Hence, the best advertising approach to growing your listeners’ base would be one that is built on the following:

Producing quality content

There is no point in trying different podcast promotional strategies if your podcast is below the industry standard. Remember, podcast advertising strategies aim to make the content accessible to more listeners so make sure you have something to share. 

Submitting to different directories 

Submitting to podcast directories is free, so we recommend submitting to as many credible directories as possible. Find a reputable network like Podbean to submit to. 

Uploading about 3 to 5 episodes on launch day

There’s no better way to engage your podcast audience than starting with enough podcast ideas on launch day. It boosts your chances on public directories and increases the possibility that listeners will love your uploaded podcasts. 

Top 10 advertising strategies to grow your podcast

Here are our top 10 methods to increase your podcasting listeners base in 2023. Carefully read through and see which ones will best fit your show. 

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1. Social media advertising 

With over 4.26 billion social media users and an estimated 6 billion in 2027, you don’t want to miss out on sharing your podcast show online. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are active platforms to advertise and grow your podcast listeners. 

Some social media channels even offer paid advertising to target more specific locations and demographics.

2. Email marketing 

Email marketing is one of the best advertising strategies to grow your podcasts. The ROI (return on investment) is high when compared to other digital marketing platforms. Besides, it’s easy to set up.  

Start with a mailing list of listeners or visitors to the podcast landing page and consider sending them newsletters. It’s an avenue to share expectations of the new episode, update existing subscribers, and advertise your podcast content. 

  1. Host guest interviews

Hosting guest speakers on podcast shows is beyond trying to engage your podcast listeners. When done effectively, having guests offers the chance to introduce your show to a new audience. 

Some new listeners tune in because they are curious to hear what their favorite host says. The other often ignored benefit is the potential advertisements your guests can provide. 

When you share the links to their featured episodes many guest speakers will voluntarily promote them on their social media accounts. Another advertising strategy is to have a podcast page on your website specifically for guests. They will feel honored and happy to share links to such pages.

  1. Network with other podcasters

Cross-promoting shows with other podcasters is an effective podcast promotional strategy. It’s similar to the guest invites on shows but very different. Think of networking like joining other podcasters to promote each other’s content collaboratively. 

This could look like you appearing on their show and enjoying an audience crossover. 

  1. Audience engagement

If you’re unsure how to promote a podcast, creating interactive online communities to engage your podcast audience is extremely beneficial. It’s a strategy that prioritizes audience engagement and building a reliable connection with target listeners. 

Therefore, create valuable content on your social media platform and your podcast before leveraging social media advertising strategies to grow your podcast. It takes time, but promoting your podcast shows becomes easier when you build a relationship with an interested listener base. 

  1. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is built upon the main foundation of all podcast advertising strategies – reaching more listeners. Hire an influential personality to promote your podcast show to their following. 

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Influencers have a broad reach on social media and can easily create the awareness your podcast requires. Just ensure that their audience aligns with your listener persona.

  1. Paid advertising 

If you want quicker results, go for paid advertising. It’s simple, but don’t ignore the other advertising strategies to grow your podcast organically. Paid advertising is recommended to complement other marketing efforts. 

Platforms like Apple podcasts and Spotify offer paid adverts to target specific locations and audience groups. There is also paid social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  1. Optimization of podcasting website 

If you don’t have a website, learn how to start one. A website offers many benefits for advertising and expanding your podcast audience reach. Some of these are improved branding and increased visibility to a new audience via search engines. 

For instance, you can write blogs around podcasting topics or upload transcriptions of selected episodes. Remember to show the notes, relevant keywords, and descriptions for better SEO results. 

  1. Organize giveaways and contests

Free consultations, gifts, and even cash prizes can help make your show popular. Ask the participating audience to send in submissions with a hashtag that ultimately provides extra buzz around your podcast show. 

However, the way you plan the contest or giveaway is essential. Only use gifts related to your podcast content, or you could risk misrepresenting your brand. 

  1. Repurpose existing podcasts

Podcast content repurposing is an advertising strategy to grow your podcast using old content inspirations. Repurposing isn’t just reposting old podcasts, editing the intros, and reuploading.

Podcast repurposing ideas include creating a blog that covers an episode. You could break down the original podcast into smaller clips or draw out infographics, charts, and statements to put on social media handles. 

Another common podcast repurposing approach is converting engaging podcast ideas to YouTube videos.


There you go! We explained the top 10 advertising strategies to grow your podcasting in 2023. All the mentioned podcast promotion methods work, but be ready to test what works best for your podcast show. 

Did you try any of the podcast advertising methods without success? Don’t worry! The results will come provided you stay consistent with the podcasting quality.