Xbox Game Pass: Orcs Must Die 3!

Xbox Game

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly way to enhance your gaming experience, grab a cheap Xbox digital gift card from U7BUY today! Since my friend doesn’t own a PlayStation, we usually opt for an Xbox co-op game when we want to hang out over video games. With both of us having a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, the choice is usually pretty good, and most recently, an old favorite of ours got a third installment on the Xbox service.

In the horde mode game Orcs Must Die 3, you must repel hordes of savage, green orcs that want to destroy your land and you. You can use ranged weapons or big swords and axes to fight them head-on, but you can also set traps to hurt the horde and stop them from getting past you.

The game, it should be said, is kind of background noise for two mates, who live at different ends of the world, to catch up and talk about life while having some fun at the same time. Having said that, it distracted us enough that we started to implement some proper tactics, and the casual chat became more sporadic in favor of: “How the hell are we going to deal with this boss?”

The controller play of Orcs Must Die 3 is excellent, and features like traps can be rapidly scoured through. However, area preparation doesn’t necessarily require speed. The orcs are seemingly very polite, only arriving in waves and taking breaks so that we can scurry about and place some more traps. Traps come in various forms; spikes that jut out of the floor, flamethrowers, potato mashing platforms that stomp down from the ceilings. The traps cost set amounts of money and can be upgraded using skulls, which are rewarded at the end of a level, depending on how well you’ve performed.

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You can’t go mad and place countless traps, but it is pretty entertaining to just use the cheapest trap, the spike floor, and line the orc pathways watching them be constantly stabbed in the legs. By the time they reach the end, they’re usually pretty hurt, but these are just the grunts. The real heat comes from the bosses and non-orc foes.

New creatures pop up as the campaign progresses. My favorite is the Earth elemental enemy which breaks down into smaller versions of itself as you weaken it. When these various opponents show up, other kinds of traps become necessary. For example, acid traps are capable of dealing damage over time or as an Area Of Effect. By the time we’d spent a couple of hours with the game, we were hardcore strategizing and restarting levels in order to secure a perfect score. Any enemies that get through and enter the portal you’re protecting will lower the score or cause a game over. If you’re not sure how to make the most of your Xbox digital gift card, check out U7BUY’s “How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card guide for an easy walkthrough.