What Makes The Perfect Selfie Spot?

What makes the perfect selfie? Now that’s a question we have all considered at some point. And while different people will have different takes on it we can all agree that your choice of a selfie spot goes a long way.

After all, the resolution of your photo comes down to the phone more than talent, and editing software means you can always tune things like lightning based on your needs. But what you can’t change after the fact is the actual content in the picture, and that’s where location makes a difference.

So in the spirit of cool selfies, today we’ll offer some recommendations of where to take your phone and yourself to up your selfie game.

What about a museum?

It might not be the first idea that comes to people’s minds, but a museum has a huge advantage that not every place has: Every single corner is already an exhibition. Every single place you can think of in a museum (short of the bathroom) is already a set piece so to say, and that means there’s already a lot of aesthetic value designed in advance.

A selfie in a museum won’t only look great due to the lighting conditions, but every exhibition will make for an amazing backdrop that will change the entire experience of the photo. And you know the best part? There are dedicated selfie museums out there.

For Las Vegas locals you have access to both the Museum of Selfies and Selfie World, which not only cover the surprisingly long history of selfies but also have interactive exhibitions fully meant for you to take selfies. And we can assure you that some of these exhibitions are just crazy fun for photography.

But even other types of museums can be good selfie spot with some creativity. Perhaps you don’t want to take a selfie with a canvas, but what about taking one with an optical illusion at the Museum of Illusion? What matters ultimately is that there’s an interesting visual stimulus, and that’s something a lot of museums offer.

Don’t be afraid to go outside!

As much as we love our homes chances are you exhausted every possible angle and corner for selfies, and that should be your cue to take your selfie game outside. Nature shots are simply some of the best you can take, and even your local park can become a fascinating photo playground if you have the time and creativity for it.

However do keep in mind one simple thing, never take a pic with the sun right behind you. When it comes to lighting you want it to be at an angle from the front, to brighten the image without drowning the camera. So next time you go out for a picnic, to walk your dog or just spend some time relaxing in the park make sure to whip out your camera for a few shots. Just keep in mind where the sun is so it works with you and not against you. That’s the number one secret to a good outdoor selfie session.