What Is The Longest Hard Rifle Case?


For gun enthusiasts of all kinds, there’s one consistent concern: Safety. Storing your rifle in a proper case or safe can make a world of difference in ensuring the longevity of your firearm, and the safety of your loved ones. With a plethora of interesting ways to store your weapons, like hidden compartments in bed frames, it can be a little confusing to try and decide the best option for yourself. Seasoned gun owners will tell you the same thing, however: Nothing beats a portable, hard rifle case.

Does Size Matter?

If you’re new to the world of weapons, perhaps doing some online research regarding the tools and accessories you’re going to need before making the big purchase then there are a few things you should know! The average rifle can range in barrel length, anywhere from ten to twenty-six inches, or more for specialty rifles. Rifles are capable of more accurate firing and provide more power to your shot because of the length of the barrel. If you’re interested in the history of modern firearms, here’s some more info.

These particular guns have been used by the military for combat, by hunters for taking down large game, and by casual gun owners who enjoy blasting clay pigeons for decades. For every different use, rifles have unique accessories and tools. Each addition to your armory will need specialized gear for keeping it clean, basic maintenance of the mechanisms, as well as safeguards against misuse or accidental firing. This brings us back to size, and how important it is to find a case that is big enough to protect your rifle while simultaneously storing all its gear.


Hard case or soft case?

Have you ever experienced the emotional pain of dropping your smartphone onto a hard surface? There’s a moment in time that seems to pass in both fractions of a second, and years of time before you lean down to pick it up, and assess the damage. Did you have your phone in a protective case? Was it a soft silicone sleeve, or a tough case that both absorbs shock and deflects damage? 

Those of us who have made the mistake of choosing the wrong housing for our most basic piece of everyday tech can tell you how important it is to make a smart choice. A cracked or shattered screen can, thankfully, be easily fixed. When it comes to repairing dents, scratches, scuffs, or chips on a firearm, however, your funds may have to stretch. Rather than pay the price in the future, you can choose the best budget hard rifle case at the starting line, and never feel that bitter buyer’s remorse.

Something else to consider is the added safety of storing your weapon in a case that can be locked. Many soft cases do not come with locks, which are a necessity for preventing accidents or injuries. With heavy locks on a hard case, you’ll rest easy knowing your gun is stored safely and securely for your own, and your loved ones’, peace of mind. A sturdy, hard case for your rifle, with plenty of room for your accessories and maintenance tools, is as simple as doing a little bit of comparison.

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More than just stationary storage

Beyond keeping your rifle carefully put away in your bedroom closet, basement, or garage, a hard case is the only choice for traveling. For obvious reasons, you can’t get on public transportation of any kind with your rifle simply slung over your shoulder. Be it moving to a new home, traveling for leisure, or going on a hunting trip out of town, you’re going to want a method of transporting your gun with ease and confidence. You can also visit https://www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition for detailed information on safety guidelines for traveling with a firearm.

Hard cases are the only TSA accepted method of storage for transportation. Keeping the weapon unloaded, locked and carefully stored with checked baggage helps eliminate accidental discharges from the gun, tampering from prying fingers, and even theft. It would be pretty difficult to waltz through airport security with a large case that didn’t belong to you without getting stopped by someone. This is why it is imperative to obey their guidelines, be aware of the status of your rifle, and follow the steps laid out for gun owners during travel. 

Choosing a hard case that has adequate space for all of your rifle’s tools and gear can help trim down how much you have to keep up with. If you are able to check in your hard case with the knowledge that all of your necessary instruments are together in one case versus several, you can keep your focus on not missing your next flight! 

Complete your arsenal

Ask any gun owner and they’ll tell you that the gun alone does not make a collection, one must have the proper equipment as well. Would you want to spend hundreds or thousands on an item you’ve carefully planned purchasing for quite some time, only to keep it in a junk drawer or cardboard box? Of course not!

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and importance of choosing the best case for your rifle, you can start exploring opportunities to get the most out of your firearm. Pack up your piece in that secure new hard case and go on an adventure! There are gatherings for gun enthusiasts all over the country and with your firearm secured, you’re ready to be on your way. 


Locked tight, sturdy enough to be on the bottom of the luggage mountain, you won’t worry about bumps on the road or cramming the car with supplies. No room inside the vehicle? Chances are your hard case is rain proof! Strap that bad boy on the roof rack and get going! There’s wild game to hunt, clay pigeons to shoot, and ranges with plenty of bull’s eyes for you to hone your skills with. When the day is done and it’s time to wind down, you have the perfect place to keep your rifle clean, safe, and out of the way.