What are the environmental benefits of marijuana?


The moment cannabis was banned from cultivation and use, the world ceased to adequately assess what harm or benefit marijuana was to people and the environment. Everyone became fixated on the idea that cannabis is a drug, albeit a mild one, which means it must be eradicated by any means necessary. As a result, the world has lost a huge natural resource – a source of convenient and durable fiber, nutrients, and useful vegetable oil. All these components have been available to people since ancient times, but overnight they became illegal. And even though society found an alternative to hemp in the household, the prohibition itself did great harm to nature.

Meanwhile, the kind of cannabis used in the industry is far from a drug. Ruderalis has such a negligible amount of psychotropic substances that it is simply impossible to get high on it and catch any relaxing sensations. It’s like smoking cotton or sunflowers. Technical varieties are used exclusively for industrial purposes, but because of prohibition, the benefits of marijuana, and more specifically cannabis, have come to naught. Let’s look at a few areas that have been affected by cannabis prohibition.

Will cannabis help save forests and oceans?

Over 4 billion trees are cut down every year to produce paper. Approximately 30% of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from these trees. The rest of the vital gas is produced by ocean plants, making the quality of the air directly dependent on the state of the forests and oceans.

Trees work not only as a source of oxygen but also as a natural filter – their leaves absorb carbon monoxide, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide, which are byproducts of many industries and get into the air with exhaust. Trees also help conserve water and soil and are home to a huge number of animals.

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Twenty years ago, no one would have thought that water for drinking and cooking would have to be purchased. The time is not far off when clean air will also have to be paid for, not to mention the ability to read a real paper book and even use quality toilet paper.

This planet is running out of trees, and the situation can only be saved by finding a decent alternative. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far. Hemp gives 4 times more cellulose per year than trees. During the processing of 1 ton of technical cannabis 4-7 times, less pollution is emitted than during the processing of the same quantity of wood. Because of its specific smell, hemp is not eaten by insects, it is almost disease-free and requires dozens of times less water to irrigate. No other crop can boast such features.

What is made from hemp?

The plant can be divided into three parts: stems and leaves, rich in fiber, roots, and seeds, which contain a lot of useful substances.


The green parts of cannabis are used to make clothing, rope, paper, organic compost, farm animal feed, and livestock bedding. Stems and leaves are used to make materials used in the construction of buildings and machinery, as well as molded plastics used to make interior furnishings. Hemp is used to make gunpowder, whose special properties make bullets fly faster and hit targets more accurately.

The roots are used to make fertilizers and medicines. They are used to cover the top layer of soil and create a useful environment for the growth of crops for the next season.

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The seeds are used to make oil, and dietary supplements, are used in cooking, they are used for fuel, alcoholic beverages, flour, and milk, which fully replaces cow’s milk.

The benefits of marijuana are enormous. You don’t have to smoke it to improve your life with it. It is enough to give up synthetic analogs and opt for naturalness. By doing so, you will help the planet and make it safer for you and everyone you care about.

Make your contribution to a brighter, greener future for the planet by choosing natural materials over synthetics. Order natural cannabis go right here only in specialized stores.