What are the advantages of automating an invoice?

What are the advantages of automating an invoice?

When you automate your invoices, you can expect to save money and time and be more accurate in your business. You’ll also be able to improve your customer service and keep your clients satisfied. And you’ll also be reducing the risk of losing or misplacing your invoices.

Time saving

Automating an invoice can help a company reduce costs and get paid more quickly. It is particularly true in a business with a high volume. An automated system could reduce a typical cycle for paying an invoice from 14 days to 3 days.

Automating an invoice can also cut down on costly mistakes. A case study showed that automation reduced 95 percent of invoice related data entry.

In the United States, inaccurate invoices account for 16% of late payments. In Western Europe, they account for 15%. The benefits of automation include reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and improving transparency.

Using an automated solution can also improve customer relationships. The system can send a reminder when payment is due. It can reduce payment errors and keep customers informed of upcoming billing deadlines.

A well-thought-out AP automation solution can save a company thousands of dollars annually. The savings can be substantial, especially considering that the average small to mid-sized business spends between $14 and $17 to process an invoice manually.

A well-made invoice can also be a significant time-saver. Having all your invoices in one place can reduce a company’s storage and mailing costs. It is particularly true for businesses with a complicated supply chain.

A streamlined payment cycle can cut down on $3 trillion in late payments. It means more cash for the general business and more money for innovation.

Reduced risk of lost invoices

When a company automates an invoice, it reduces the risk of missing payments. It is essential because missed payments significantly impact budgeting and financial planning. It can also lead to late fees and interest charges. A system to track payments and monitor discrepancies can help ensure your business receives the funds it needs to grow.

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Paper invoices can be difficult to process and are more susceptible to errors. If you have an AP department, it can be easy to digitize your invoices and store them in your system. It is particularly beneficial when dealing with offshore accounts.

When a business uses an automated system, it can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate the need for human intervention. It also increases visibility across the entire accounts payable process. It helps reduce errors and improve the overall accuracy of the invoicing process. To take advantage of the benefits of automated invoicing and simplify your accounts payable processes, you can leverage a comprehensive platform such as Unimaze, which offers a user-friendly interface and end-to-end invoice management capabilities – from invoice capture to payment processing – allowing you to seamlessly manage your invoices, eliminate manual errors, and ensure timely payments, all with just a few clicks. Click here to learn more about Unimaze and see how it can transform the way you manage your accounts payable processes.

Reduced manual work

As you might expect, implementing an automated invoice processing solution is a huge undertaking. Thankfully, there are software solutions out there if you know where to look. The first step is to determine what you need and don’t. Some activities can’t be automated and are best left to the pros. Then, you’ll need to decide what technologies you want and how to implement them. The result will be a more efficient invoice processing operation. Having an automated system in place can help your company keep a finger on the pulse of the business.

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The benefits of automating your AP operations outweigh the costs and complications associated with a manual setup. By leveraging a solution like this, your employees can focus on higher-value tasks while your finances are in the capable hands of professionals. In the process, you’ll also be able to satisfy your vendors most efficiently and ethically. By following some best practices, you’ll be on your way to a more efficient and profitable AP operations department.

Choosing the right software solution can make a world of difference. Making the best choice for your organization will reap the rewards of a more efficient, productive, and happier AP staff.

Increased accuracy

When a company automates invoices, it improves accuracy, reduces costs, and increases transparency. Automation helps to reduce the number of human errors and ensures the integrity of the paper trail. The benefits are enormous.


Whether your business is an innovative startup or a long-established corporation, automating invoices is a great way to cut costs and increase efficiency. Best-in-class enterprises achieve an 80% reduction in invoice processing costs. Its benefits also help increase process visibility, improve supplier relationships, and fortify tax compliance.

With the right system in place, companies can quickly start gaining the benefits of increased accuracy, better cash flow management, and higher revenue. Automating invoices provides a comprehensive view of document status and allows employees to spend their time on more critical tasks.

With automated invoices from GoodHuman, your business can benefit from reduced processing time and increased vendor discounts. It is also possible to create and retrieve invoices on demand. Combined with digital payment solutions, this can help forge stronger supplier relationships.