Ways to Obtain Malta Citizenship in 2023

Everyone faces a turning point in life. It may be associated with a change of status, residence, and other factors. When moving to another country, you want to avoid making mistakes, so you should consider all the nuances. Malta second citizenship is a popular request of modern users. It is an actively developing country with great prospects. 

Who has the right to obtain citizenship of Malta

There are several ways of solving the question of immigration. Each of them is approved at the legislative level. A simpler option is considered a connection of the applicant with a citizen of the Republic of Malta. Obtaining Malta citizenship for investment has gained a lot of popularity. There are a few more options.

Ways to obtain maltese passport

The process is regulated by the Law “About Citizenship” and several related legal acts, providing some securities registration options. Read more about it below.

Citizenship by descent

This option has been stipulated in the country’s Constitution since September 21, 1964. A person born on the island after August 1, 1989, can claim to get Malta passport if one of his parents was a citizen of the country. Anyone born on the island (including abandoned infants) may claim this right.

Citizenship by marriage

Changes in the personal life can fundamentally change destiny. It concerns the change of residence. Foreigners married to natives can reside on the island without a visa. They do not need a special permit to go to work. However, there is a nuance: submitting an application to obtain Malta citizenship not earlier than five years after marriage is possible. Maltese citizenship is retained by you even in the case of divorce. 

Citizenship by naturalization

What are the conditions to obtain a passport? Find out more about this below:      

  • proof of legal income, regular and sufficient;
  • proof of Maltese health insurance;
  • passing examinations in language, history, and law;
  • an affidavit in writing from more than one Maltese citizen.  
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When applying for citizenship by naturalization, two independent guarantors will be required (family members are excluded). The first must belong to one of the categories:

  • judge; 
  • doctor; 
  • parish priest; 
  • lawyer; 
  • police officer (not lower than inspector)   
  • prosecutor;
  • captain (or higher);
  • notary public;
  • civil servant of a certain rank;
  • magistrate.

It is possible to obtain citizenship if you have lived in the country for at least four years in conjunction with a permanent residence permit and a residence permit for the past six years. It is forbidden to leave the country for more than six months during this period. Upon application, permanent residence for twelve years is mandatory.

Citizenship by family reunification

There are certain points by which it is possible to get a passport. The procedure is available to persons born on the island in 1989, outside the country, from a Maltese father between September 21, 1964, and July 31, 1989.   

Other requirements are also available:  

  • born on Independence Day from the United Kingdom (September 21, 1964);   
  • former citizen of the island;
  • born in Malta before September 21, 1964;   
  • subject of the United Kingdom or its colonies before September 21, 1964;
  • adopted, raised by Maltese citizens outside the country;
  • grandchild of a Maltese citizen;
  • child of foreigners who has acquired Maltese citizenship;
  • guardian of a minor Maltese citizen and others.        

The registration of a passport through family reunification takes place via an embassy or consulate. It is recommended to clarify additional conditions, cost of Maltese citizenship with a specialist.

Citizenship by investment

It is a mutually beneficial offer. The government attracts financial investment in the country. It’s the best choice for businessmen to build a prosperous life. 

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Citizenship for outstanding achievements in Malta

It is an unpredictable option. It is suitable for the following populations:

  • athletes;
  • cultural figures;
  • scientists;
  • politicians;
  • businessmen.

Individual accomplishments provide the opportunity to change your life dramatically. Such a chance should not be neglected.

Citizenship for refugees and political asylum

The island offers good conditions for refugees. The main requirement is to provide proof of discrimination or threat to life in their own country.

The application process

Many people wish to move to the island in light of recent events. To do so, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years old or older;
  • Citizenship of third countries (other than EU/EFTA);
  • no criminal record, refusal of visa, or entry into any country where Malta has a visa-free regime;
  • passing a background check proving an impeccable reputation;
  • absence of infectious diseases;
  • demonstration of a connection with the island, living with a residence permit for 12 months or more.

The due diligence process for the investor and his family members is quite serious.


Only lazy people do not dream of living on an island. It has incomparable benefits:

  • complete security;
  • flexible tax system;
  • attractive conditions for doing business;
  • EU protection;
  • opportunity to live, work, and study in any city in the EU;
  • 185 different travel destinations without visas.

By the way, dual citizenship is allowed on the island, provided your country of origin also allows it.


The best weather conditions, magnificent beaches, economic development, optimal conditions for education, work, and political stability are the main factors that attract wealthy people and investors worldwide. According to the specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach, citizenship is the best option to get the opportunity to stay legally on the island.