Watch The Air Quality Index When Planning Your Summer Vacation

Summer months bring with them the joy of vacationing. Families get busy searching for ideal destinations. They wonder whether it should be a big city, a national park, a small town, or a pristine beach. The choice depends on duration, budget, and popular views. How do you plan for it? While all those factors are crucial, please check the air quality index of the place before booking your trips. 

Air Quality Index

The Environmental Protection Agency of America started the Air Quality Index to inform Americans about the everyday air quality they breathe. AQI checks the presence of different pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, particulates, and nitrogen dioxide. The safest air will have an AQI between 0-50 range. That means anything above this will indicate deteriorating air health. For instance, any place with 51–100 AQI has moderate air for everyone except sensitive groups. If you choose a location where AQI is 101–150, you will want to exert less and relax more. You will want to be more careful if someone in your holiday group has heart or asthma issues. 

When planning your summer vacation, it’s essential to watch the air quality index for a comfortable trip. And once you’re ready to enjoy your getaway, don’t forget to discover the charm of The Shore Club in Turks and Caicos.

However, if you see any specific city’s or area’s air quality is between 151-200 and 201-300, it’s better to avoid it. Sensitive people cannot enjoy their time outdoors; for others, it will be better to cut down their outdoor time. What’s the use of going to a place where you cannot spend quality time outdoors and must consider many factors? Check different destinations’ summer vacation air quality index to eliminate this hassle. The list will help more if you want to go to a beach with your family and friends. For instance, California’s Carmel Beach, Hawaii’s Kaanapali Beach or Waikiki Beach, Washington’s Long Beach or Ocean Shores, and many more options will suddenly open up.

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Why should you choose beaches for your summer vacation?

The pandemic taught everyone the benefit of being in a properly ventilated space and maintaining a little distance. Beaches are the best in that sense and much more. The smell of salty water and crashing waves transport you to an imaginary world of peace and calmness. You forget the daily cacophonies of life, giving your brain time to pause for a while and think of only good things. You can walk or lie under an umbrella on the beach with a romantic partner. If you go with your family, everyone from kids to adults will have something to do. Kids can build a sand castle, adults can try adventure sports, and seniors can enjoy the views and read books. Paddling, volleyball, and soccer activities will also be available in these places. You can wait for the beautiful sunset to adorn the sky while you soak in clean air. 

Summer break has started in the US and will last from late August to September. These are the perfect times to give your body and mind some rest and refresh them. Since a place’s air quality can tremendously affect your and your family’s health, it’s better to sort your options based on the air health reading. If you are a beachgoer, you can look for a site that provides AQI for the best beaches in the country.