Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Slot Characters

Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Slot Characters

Something that makes a game truly standout is the ability to go that extra step and add something extra to a simple slot machine. What starts off as just a fun game to make money off can be turned into a marvel of creativity and hidden depth. Having fun should always be the main priority when creating a game, no matter if it’s just a game or a slot you play for money.

Iconic stories and characters have been made in the world of slot games. Whole worlds have been created for something that people may not pay attention to at first. And it’s from those worlds, are the colourful and iconic characters are born. Characters that truly lure out the personality of the game to become something more memorable. Whether it’s an animal mascot or a brave adventurer, these original characters are the very life of the fun that slot gaming brings. When you play free slot machines, these characters may even serve gameplay aspects as well. This makes them more immersive in the game itself instead of just being a pretty face on the cover.

The list of the most famous slot game characters from the whole industry:

  • Gonzo from Net Entertainment
  • Jungle Jim from Microgaming
  • Leprechaun from Play’n GO
  • Fox from NextGen Gaming
  • Cleopatra from Many Software Providers

Gonzo from Net Entertainment

NetEnt, also known as Net Entertainment, has been a recent achiever in most things gaming. Many of their titles include a lot of personality and colour, giving you a more optimistic sensation that keeps you playing the games for as long as you wish. Back in 2011, there was a big need for a character to promote on their website. Especially, with the online gambling industry truly taking off back then. And so, NetEnt opted to create a more graphically impressive game with a character to show off all these fancy new animations. And so Gonzo was created.

Gonzo is inspired from a real Spanish explorer named Gonzalo Pizarro. He is most famous for his rumoured expeditions to the famed, mythological location, El Dorado. In Gonzo’s Quest, you will join him in this Muisca adventure as you try to uncover this lost city full of treasure. The way they present Gonzo is seen as a cartoonish schemer. An explorer who definitely wishes for the fame and glory of the discovery rather than the treasure itself. That, of course, is left to the player. But what Gonzo lacks in motivation, he certainly makes up for in charisma, passion and a thirst for adventure.

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Jungle Jim from Microgaming

When talking about explorers, there is certainly one that beats Gonzo in the looks department. Jungle Jim may perhaps be the most lovable explorer in the gambling industry. Created by Microgaming as another iconic mascot, Jungle Jim gained huge popularity with his exclusive game “Jungle Jim El Dorado”. That’s right, he too was searching for the lost city. But he certainly did it with his hair intact. After making this great discovery, Jungle Jim has moved onto many other locations and been part of many sequels to his popular game. Jungle Jim and The Lost Sphinx has been his latest adventure, taking him to ancient Egypt.

With his rugged good looks, array of high-tech gadgets and incredible feats of athleticism, it’s no wonder he became as popular as he did. Giving off those Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake vibes, it is clear that he is meant to be the lovable adventurer that all the girls will swoon for, even if he keeps his cartoonish style. His games themselves are also as advanced as he is, including features never seen in other titles. Jungle Jim has the look and feel of a well-done, fleshed-out character with style to boot.

Leprechaun from Play’n GO

We all love a character that brings laughs and joy whenever we play mobile slots. The Lucky Leprechaun is a character that is designed for just that. He is funny, mischievous and certainly brings out that inner prankster that lies within us. However, this leprechaun has certainly travelled more than the other two characters, wishing to go further from his rainbow and see what’s out in the world. Where he goes isn’t exactly what you would expect.

The Leprechaun has travelled all the way to Egypt, has delved into the fiery depths of Hell itself and has no started a rainbow revolution in which he rallies other magical creatures to rise up against the human overlords. This Leprechaun has gained knowledge and experience far more than any other mystical figure. You could say he could rival a god with the tremendous feats he has pulled off. His popular games certainly show it, with each installation getting better and better with more features to reward players that continue to follow this lovable anarchist. Whether it’s fighting demons or fighting the social hierarchy, there is no end to the mischief brought by small but dangerous lad.

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Fox from NextGen Gaming

If there is anything more iconic then a mythical creature or adventurer, it’s an adorable animal mascot. NextGen Gaming, a branch of SG Digital, delivered a very suave and famous critter indeed. The Fox from Foxin’ Wins is among one of the most popular characters from NextGen’s line-up. So much, so that is has created many other sequels that have followed up. There is the original Foxin’ Wins, and Foxin’ Wins again with his cute little pups, Foxin’ Twins where he discovers his twin brother, and finally, Foxin’ Wins Football Fever being the latest instalment.

Apart from these games, including fun-to-play features and updated visuals, there is just something about the Fox that just brings out the best part of gambling itself. With his smart suit, coy smirk and lustrous pipe, he is the very spitting image of what is deemed to be rich and successful character. Something we all wish we could be one day from playing all these gambling games. The Fox is the very dream that all would-be gamblers wish to reach. Maybe by playing all his games, you could very much reach that goal. Just make sure to find human-sized suit instead.

Cleopatra from Many Software Providers

If there is anything that is well-known within the casino gambling industry, it’s that Ancient Egypt has been a part of its history since the beginning and provides a wonderful theme. Whether it’s exploring the pyramids, the sphinx statues or following in the footsteps of the famous kings and queens. One queen, however, will always be the face of glorious fortune in gambling. And she is Cleopatra, the most beloved and powerful ruler in all Egyptian history. She is as iconic in gambling as the lucky number 7 symbol.

Many software providers have produced slot games that have at least included her in the game or placed as the face or promo-art. IGT, Microgaming, Yggdrasil and many others have all included games based around Ancient Egypt with Cleopatra taking centre stage. The best part about her is that she can have many different character traits that are true according to history. She is playful yet smart, calculating and fair, seductive but powerful. She can have many iconic looks that she will no doubt look good in all of them. If there was anyone that can be given the crown of online video slots itself, look no further than the true Queen of Egypt.