This Is Why We Need More Anonymous Posts!

Need Anonymous Posts

Many websites nowadays offer people a chance to publish their articles anonymously. A good example of such is the popular website The Doe. Can you imagine that about 15,000 email messages are sent anonymously every day? This means that there is a fundamental need for anonymity services on the net, continue reading this article to know do we really need to enable anonymous posting and why we need more anonymous posts.

Many countries worldwide offer citizens the right to post anonymously online. In fact, the United States protects the right to speak anonymously online by the First Amendment and many other laws.  The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”.

However, do we really need anonymity? Well, the short and direct answer is Yes! 

In fact, anonymity is good for both the writer and the message because it provides protection. For example, a person may write an article to criticize an idea or product without getting to know who wrote this post. In case the writer should mention his / her name then probably we will never read such posts. That is why we need anonymity! In other words, a person will probably feel freer to say anything about anything.

Posting anonymity can help people write about sensitive topics leading to a great discussion between people in a specific society or even worldwide. Therefore, anonymous posting can enhance productive engagement. The society in which we live can frequently be extremely conservative, often making it dangerous to make certain statements, have certain opinions, or adopt a certain lifestyle. Anonymous posting is so important for discussions such as sexual abuse, minority issues, harassment, sex lives, and many other topics in some societies that are usually conservative.

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With people being afraid of speaking up, it is no wonder why we are not having news ideas continuously.

When writing an anonymous post, a writer will feel more honest, more comfortable, and maybe use a high tone compared to talking openly about things.

Anonymity lets you post your comments or feedback about anything, without having to worry about others mocking your thoughts. Your thoughts may inspire your society to improve many aspects of life.

Sometimes you may get a bit nervous about revealing your ideas to others. Yes, speaking up when sharing with others can be hard, but that does not mean that no one will hear you. Please, do not hold back your thoughts.

Some doctors may ask their patients to post their problems anonymously on some online forums to connect with others and get support. This is a good choice for people who do not feel comfortable speaking about their cases publicly.

Anonymity ensures that all of us can contribute and post our words to provide possible solutions to many problems that we are facing nowadays.

In conclusion, freedom of expression is necessary. Freedom of speech lets us discover new ideas and even new problems, and some of these problems might be unpopular. Such thoughts are very important for human beings. Anonymous posting is a great tool that offers similar benefits to the community.