How to Get More Email Newsletter Subscribers

Email Newsletter Subscribers

While everyone around is talking about the ways to grow followers on social media, let’s not forget about the good old email. Indeed, almost every user of social networks has a personal email that they check every day.

Therefore, email still remains one of the most heavily utilized channels of Internet marketing today. 

And when your website/blog visitors leave their contact details for you, this is their first step to becoming your customers.

So, how do you convert your visitors into eager subscribers? We have compiled a list of efficient ways to get more email newsletter subscribers really quick.

Ready? Let’s get started.

  • Make sure your offer is valuable

People need some reason to subscribe to your newsletter. You might think you can encourage them to join your mailing list by promising them to deliver your great articles, but that’s not how it works. They know they can read your articles in your blog. So, think about what else you can offer your prospects in exchange for their email addresses.

Maybe, you can offer some practical examples of using the product or applying the knowledge gained? It could also be some useful eBooks, recipes, links, and other materials exclusively available only to newsletter subscribers.

Quick tip: Mention how often you’ll be emailing your subscribers and what kind of content you’ll send in your newsletters.

  • Use email signature banners

Did you know that you can leverage your email signature with a banner to get more email newsletter subscribers? Such email signature banners work by enticing your readers to click on the link in your banner with every email you send. All you need to do is create an email signature with an attractive banner that contains a call to action to join your email list. On top of that, you can ask all your employees to install such signatures, and, thus, increase the number of people seeing your invitation to subscribe.

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  • Create an easy-to-fill form

Marketers dispute about the pros and cons of requiring both the first name and email address on an email form. While some think that the email address is more than enough, others believe that the first name and other additional info can help with personalization later on.

The choice is actually yours. But the one thing to remember is that it’s better not to overcomplicate it. 

Ask people to provide only really important information. If you don’t need names, job titles, phone numbers, etc. just don’t ask for it. As practice shows, the fewer data you request, the more subscribers you will receive.

If you really need the other information, you can ask for it a little later.

Quick tip: Ensure your forms are mobile-friendly as many of your visitors consume content using mobile devices.

  • Ask to subscribe on your website

There is no way you could know the moment that the visitor decides to subscribe to your newsletter. It might be when people visit your homepage and already want to join your subscriber list. Sometimes, it can even happen after placing an order in your online store. That’s why you have to make sure that whenever they make this decision and on whatever page they are, they can do it without any problems. 

Also, it is a smart idea to combine the placement of registration forms, placing them in the sidebar of the site, at the bottom of the article, and as a pop-up window.

And don’t be afraid of placing the form in a prominent place. It’s always fun to see how some site owners take it away from the eyes of visitors and then are surprised why there are no new subscribers.

  • Use social media
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In the vast majority of cases, business owners receive new subscribers by placing forms on their websites. But this is not the only channel that can be used for this purpose.

Today, many people prefer to communicate on social networks. Why not reach out to them there too?

You can invite your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. followers to join your email list. One of the best ways to do this is to make a landing page specifically for those followers.

Qucik Tip: If you are on social networks, you are likely already linking back to your website in your bio. But you can also consider linking back to your newsletter landing page instead of just your homepage. If these people have chosen to follow you on social media, there is a good chance they will be interested in receiving your newsletter as well.

  • Add the unsubscribe button

There are no benefits in keeping your mailing list full of users who aren’t interested in your content. Also, various email spam laws oblige businesses to add the unsubscribe link to emails. That’s why you need to provide your email subscribers with the option to unsubscribe, including a clear explanation of how to do it.

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It might be interesting for you to know that one of the most common reasons for spam complaints is that recipients have a hard time trying to find an unsubscribe link. Therefore, they click “spam” instead.


A massive list of email newsletter subscribers is probably one of the best things a business can wish for. But it’s important to remember that the key lies in attracting the right people and growing a quality base of supporters who regularly interact with your content and support your business. In this article, we covered the essential tips that we believe will help you grow your list and stay satisfied with your conversion rates.